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WEVE GOT THE DISH ON DATE NIGHT PRIME PATIOS AND FUN FAMILY DINING goodLIFEfamily LIVE. LEARN. LAUGH. REPEAT. The Go-To Source for Parents of Kids Tweens to Twenties September October 2015 Good Times Homecoming Fashions to Cheer For TAILGATE AT HOME Score big with these party tips SMOKING HOT MEET CHEF TIM BYRES VACATION GETAWAYS SANS KIDS AWESOME AUTUMN ATTIRE THE MOST INSPIRING MOM IN DALLAS AND SO MUCH MORE plus Boohoo or Yahoo LIFE IN THE EMPTY NEST Sports Injuries What every parent needs to know Starpower provides the ultimate outdoor entertainment. Experience family movie night in crystal-clear 4K by the pool or enjoy your own private party through outdoor Hi-Fi wireless speakers. Starpower provides the best in audio video security and smart home automation. Ed Kellum Son has the tools to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen. Whether its a high-performance grill to serve the whole neighborhood or an outdoor fridge to keep your beverages ice-cold on a hot day youll nd the best indoor and outdoor appliances at Ed Kellum Son. A U T O M A T I O N - A U D I O V I D E O - L E A T H E R - S E C U R I T Y A P P L I A N C E S - O U T D O O R L I V I N G w w w . S T A R - P O W E R . c o m EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE NO EXCUSES. GO OU TS I DEGO OU TS I DE A N D P L A YA N D P L A Y w w w . E D K E L L U M . c o m 4 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER CONTENTS AND MUCH MORE Every effort has been made to authenticate the information contained on these pages. Should you find an error omission or issue with the content please contact us.The opinions and expressions contained herein are those of the myriad of specialists and of parents and children who were willing to offer their input and are not necessarily endorsed or shared by the staff or ownership of Good Life Family or its parent company SLP Company LLC. GOOD EATS 50 Where Theres Smoke... Theres Byres. Meet internationally celebrat- ed Chef Tim Byres and find out why he is passionate about his new SMOKE restaurant in Plano. LOOKING GOOD GOOD HEALTH 24 Sports Injuries Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt. 26 Are Sports Safe for Your Teen Athlete Find out with this important exam. 27 Is Overuse Injury Around the Corner GOOD PEOPLE 34 Homeless to Hopeful VIP Award recipient Shanjula Harris just may be the most inspiring woman in Dallas. GOOD LIVING 20 Ready for the Game Starpower brings it home. 22 Tailgate Tips Recipes GOODTO KNOW 40 The Empty Nest Syndrome INSIGHTS into starting your next chapter. 47 ACT vs. SAT Victory Steps Varun Tewari unravels the mystery. 54 Book Review The Naked Roommate GOOD ADVICE 16 A Matter of Trust Chuck Cowell is the banker youll want to know. 14 Preserving Life Even When Youre Gone Why should you have life insurance GOOD DEEDS 48 No Place to Call Home The shocking reality of teen homelessness. GOOD GUIDE 35 Changing Seasons From elementary to middle school college and beyond every stage of life has its own theme. GOODTIMES 60 Calendar and Event Photos We celebrate our time with wonderful food and conversation Mary Danz Hitzges on the perfect date night Page 58 ONTHE COVER 53 Dining Guide Festive patios family-friendly finds and divine date nights here are our editors favs Homecoming is a great time to celebrate with everyone. Plano West senior Marco Saracini above with ESD senior Hattie Browning Page 28 Date night on the patio at SMOKE in Plano Since 1998 Chaiken Chaiken PC has estab- lished a reputation for honesty integrity and in- novation that has earned the recognition of their clients peers judges and indeed even their adver- saries. Whether the case is for a single individual or a Fortune 500 compa- ny the firm employs the same dedication and per- sonal commitment for every case. Specializing in Business and Injury Litigation. 5801 Tennyson Pkwy 440 Legacy Town Center III Plano TX 75024 214 265-0250 PASSION. INTEGRITY. FORTITUDE. CHAIKEN CHAIKEN A T T O R N E Y S 6 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 - Sheryl THE GOOD PEOPLE at goodLIFEfamily ABOUT US There are two things parents hope to give their children roots and wings. But its often hard to know if the decisions were making are the right ones especially when the world is changing so quickly. GoodLifeFamily is a resource for parents with kids tweens to twenties. GoodLifeFamilywill help navigate the challenges of raising good kids kids who will find their own paths to happiness. Extensive and insightful content will address the daily joys and struggles of finding a balance between kids and parents while keeping ourselves sane in the process. GoodLifeFamily also celebrates parents who are making a difference in their families their communities and to those in need.Youll meet inspiring women and men who have stared down lifes challenges survived and now are willing to share their journey with you. GoodLifeFamily is committed to making a difference in the lives of our families friends and communities as the go-to source. Werelivingwerelearningandmostimportant werelaughing.Wehopeyouwilltoo. Contact Us SUBSCRIBE ADVERTISE Kim Brown at 214.280.6838 or SUBMIT EDITORIAL IDEAS TriciaWhite at EDITORIAL TEAM Sheryl Lilly Pidgeon Founder and Editor-In-Chief Direct 214.476.8131 TriciaWhite Managing Editor Direct 214.725.1981 Tracy Graivier Bell Senior Copy Editor Kendel Ahnell Digital Magazine Editor Bobbie Ames FoodEntertainingEditor Melissa Chaiken SocialandPhilanthropyEditor Amy Levenson Krumholz FashionEditor Rick Seaney TravelEditor JennyWood SchoolandEducationEditor WRITERS Karyn Brodsky Jeanne Glick Charles Satterfield AliciaWanek ADVERTISING Sonia Black AdvertisingAccountExecutive Direct 214.232.3040 Melinda Bogoslavsky AdvertisingAccountExecutive Direct 214.264.0975 MARKETING EVENTS Kimberly Brown Marketing Manager Direct 214.280.6838 BUSINESS OFFICE Deborah Leshefsky KeeperofTheBooks Michael Doyle CPA PRODUCTION TEAM Beth Donahue CreativeDirector James Bland Photography Bill Brock Videographer MichaelTinglin UserExperienceManager GOOD LIFE FAMILY 3308 PRESTON ROAD STE 350 PMB 113 PLANO TX 75093 LIVE.LEARN.LAUGH. INSPIRE REPEAT. Home is Where the Heart Is... Iadmit it. I had no idea how pervasive teen homelessness was in our suburban communities. When our philanthropy ed- itor Melissa Chaiken brought the topic to the attention of our editorial team we in- stantly felt her passion to tell this story. Teen homelessness is a huge problem right here the suburbs of North Texas Fris- co Plano Lewisville Denton etc. and teens who are homeless face unique issues writes Chaiken in this heart-wrenching article. See page 10. They are still only teens af- ter all and life as a teenager is complicat- ed enough without having to worry about where you are going to sleep tonight or if you will have enough to eat. Although the numbers of homeless teens are staggering there is reason to be optimis- tic. Our communities are filled with volun- teers activists and organizations working tirelessly to combat this epidemic. I fondly recall working alongside our then-mayor the late Annette Strauss to raise funds for Family Gateway the shelter she founded now nearly 30 years later GLF is helping the non-profit once again. See page 9. And there are others. Chaiken introduc- es us to the amazing work of City House and Kyles Place page 11. And still more. New Friends New Life fights against human trafficking an all too common criminal act forced upon our most vulnerable kids. C.A.R.E. puts drug and alcohol issues on the forefront. Rainbow Days offers free camps school supplies and hope. The list goes on but its just not enough. Its NOT enough. Each child should have a chance to live a Good Life and each of us is re- sponsible for doing our part to help. If home is where the heart is then we can- not rest until each heart has a home. Good Life Family is committed to our community to families and above all to kids. ALL kids. We know we are not alone. Look on each page for inspiring people passionate prose and advertisers who have made a commitment to make life better not just because of their excellent products and services but because they CARE about the people they serve. Above all we are grateful for our read- ers each of you whether you prefer print or digital. As long as you are reading well keep writing. SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 7 Contributors goodPEOPLE Rick Seaney Travel Expert Internationally known travel and airfare expert Rick Seaney CEO and co-founder of FareCompare is the medias go-to resource for airline industry news. Ricks mission is clear I wanttohelpconsum- ersfindthebestflight deals available every time they shop and he loves to share his insider information. Besides his advice blog on FareCompare Rick began writing a weekly column for ABCNewsbackin2008whichcontinuesto this day he is also USA Todays Airfare Ex- pertcolumnistaswellasaregularcontrib- utor to Fox News and is frequently quoted in the pages of the New York Times Wall St. Journal Huffington Post and more. Dr. Susan Sugerman Adolescent Medicine Physician Board Certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics Dr. Sugerman is the presi- dent and co-founder of Girls to Women Health and Wellness GTW a multidis- ciplinary medical practice in north Dallas dedicated to the physical and emotional needs of girls and young women ages 10-25. Published au- thor and speaker on subjects ranging from adolescent develop- ment bullying sex- uality and risk taking to resilience and preparing teens to tran- sition to college she brings a professional perspective onwhats normal and whats notwhen considering the struggles and celebrations of our youth as well as some wisdom about how the grownups in their livescansupportthemtobecomehealthy adults who can take good care of them- selves. Paige McCoy Smith TV Personality PaigeMcCoySmithisatelevisionpersonali- ty radio host and professional speaker who has entertained and educated audiences with content that resonates with the notsoperfectside oflife. Sheisaregu- laronWFAAChannel 8s Good Morning Texas and has made a name for herself being a real and relat- able mom who gives women the freedom to be who they are perfectly imperfect. As Paige saysIts not about being perfect. Its aboutbeingreal.Letsstumbleonthisjour- ney together. Dr. Bobo Blankson Adolescent Medicine Physician A graduate of Harvard College and the Yale School of Medicine KwabenaBobo Blankson is a pediatrician with subspe- cialty training in Adolescent Medicine. Dr. Bobo is passionate about teen and young adult health and has been fea- tured on HuffingtonPost. com and more. In his spare time he writes mid- dle-gradeyoung adult novels and is a medical consultant with GoodThinkInc a positive psycholo- gy consulting firm. Kristin Cicciarelli ProfessionalWriter Kristin Cicciarelli is a free- lance writer and editor in the Dallas area spe- cializing in ghost writ- ing magazine articles marketing content in- cluding newsletters and advertising and helping small businesses improve their search en- gine rankings. Her articles generally fo- cusing on living a healthier more balanced life have appeared in a number of print and e-zine sites including Dallas Child Skin Inc. Les Nouvelles Aesthetiques Dermascope In With Skin AZ Net News and more. Hot Spot The GLF creative team thanks our cover models real parents not professional models- who took time away from their busy family lives to showcase the trendy new Smoke restaurant and the Fall Dining Guide. Special thanks to Todd Johnson Brand Director of Turn The Tables Hospitality for allowing our entourage to shoot at 7 pm during Restaurant Week. And our deepest gratitude to the good-natured cus- tomers and wait staff who put up with us. We owe you one Photographed by James Bland Dallas Photo Studio James Bland Photographer James Bland has been showcasing his award-winning craftsmanship as a pho- tographer for over 25 years. His zeal for capturing the essence of the people in front of the lens is evident in each of his pieces of work. He has earned numerous local and international awards and his portrait photogra- phy work has been showcased in ex- hibits and shows in Dallas and Washing- ton D.C. His clients include advertising agencies national and regional magazines record compa- nies and corporate leaders. Blands im- pressiveworkissplashedthroughoutthis issue of GLF including on the cover and fashion pages. Beth and BrianThompson Amy Levenson Krumholz Designer and Stylist Amy Levenson Krumholz has worked in thefashionworldforover20years.For14 years she owned a showroom at the Dal- las Apparel Mart and represented over 85 lines of womens clothing andaccessories.She has designed three lines of contempo- rary sportswear and served as a retail buyer consultant and stylist on numerous photo shoots. For the last 12 years Amy has worked with indi- vidual clients helping them discover their own personal style. Her services include wardrobe assessment closet makeovers and personal shopping. You may have caught one of Amys fashion segments on Good Morning Texas. She has three wonderfulboysatthreedifferentschools which keep her very busy Nadia Christian-Petersen and Brian Petersen Lauren and Max Rossley COVER PHOTO SHOOT AT SMOKE RESTAURANT 8 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 VIPAWARD Family Gateway is focused on ending child homelessness by providing innovative and comprehensive housing and social and educational services to homeless children and their families. Founded by Mayor Annette G. Strauss in 1986 Family Gateway has served homeless families with children for nearly thirty years. In addition to providing safe and stable housing as well as comprehensive case man- agement Family Gateway works with partner agencies to deliver a wide array of services to its clients including mental and physical health care employment readiness and job training financial literacy classes and edu- cationalsupportsuchaspreschoolandafterschoolprogramsGEDprepara- tion classes and assistance seeking higher education. THE PROGRAMS ARE EFFECTIVE 100ofeligibleseniorsgraduatedfromhighschoolcomparedtotheDISD average of 75 22 of the employed parents were promoted while at Family Gateway in 2013 750 expansion in the number of families served in the last three years All programsoutcomes exceed HUD-defined benchmarks for families ex- iting to or maintaining permanent housing and increasing earned income Forinformationontheupcomingfundraisingeventsortovolun- teer go to FAMILY GATEWAY Homeless to Hopeful... SHANJULA HARRIS TAKES HOME GLFS VERY INSPIRING PARENT AWARD What does it take to go from homeless to hopeful Shanjula Harris of Dallas knows from personal ex- perience. It takes steel resolve trust in others resourcefulness and a lot of faith. As a single mom Harris cared for her chil- dren and even tried to help others. I brought hot meals to the homeless in south Dallas says Harris. Little did she know that she would join their ranks. In 2009 after seven years as a med- ical assistant at a Dallas hospital Harris lost her job. With nowhere to go she and her three chil- dren Deon Precious and Twquan turned to the Family Gateway Shelter in Dallas. Family Gateway provided a roof over their heads meals and much needed emotional sup- port. I was sad because I didnt want my kids to be homeless and living in a shelter explains Harris. As she sought strength through prayer she remained strong for her children who were teased at school because they didnt have new clothes. I tried to take their focus off what we were experiencing. While at Family Gateway Harris would send her children off to school and then pound the pavement looking for work every day. Real- izing she needed to do more Harris enrolled at Kaplan University to pursue a bachelors degree. Harris Family Gateway case manager rec- ognized her perseverance and recommended Buckner Family Pathways transitional housing that allows sin- gle-parent families to live there if they are enrolled in a higher education program. Harris was happy to move her family into an Shanjula Harris pictured here surrounded by children at the church where she leads choir practice. Working with the youth is a joyous assignment just seeing their willingness to sing praises to the Lord enlightens me. I love our youth and church familyshe says.My greatest admiration goes to my Pastor. He may not know nor do I show it all the time but hes the one that helps me keep my head above the water. Im blessed by Karyn Brodsky StaffWriter Dallas has become a world-class city yet tonight an estimated 5000 children and their families will not have a safe place to sleep. VIPAWARD NOVEMBER 5 2015 HILTON ANATOLE 12 NOON To purchase tickets or table sponsorships please visit eventsgtoluncheon Our mission Leading the Dallas community to end child homelessness by providing innovative and comprehensive housing social and educational services to homeless children and their families. Featuring New York Times best-selling author WES MOORE. At the event be sure to purchase a mystery bag for a chance to win a big prize Also participate in Kendra Scotts jewelry pull. All proceeds benefit our homeless children. For more information please call David at 214-823-4500 ext. 109 Help us end child homelessness in Dallas apartment at Buckner but she never forgot Family Gateway. They took a big weight off of us gave us meals a place to stay says Har- ris with appreciation. Family Gateway was a rescue for me and my family. After a few months Harris got a job at the Baylor College of Dentistry now known as Texas Health and Science Center. Harris has come a long way. She now lives in a North Dallas apart- ment. She has her teachers certification and teaches special education students in the Lancaster Independent School District. She is work- ing on a masters degree in Psychology and her kids are following in her collegiate footsteps. Deon attended Texas Tech Precious is study- ing nursing at Texas Wesleyan in Ft. Worth and next year Twquan plans to attend either the University of North Texas or University of Texas at Arlington to study mechanical engineering. Harris is humble about her experience and wants to give back. I remember where I came from she explains. Harris wants to bring local youth to see Family Gateway. I want them to see how blessed they are. They have material things and at any moment they can lose them she says. In the future Harris hopes to run a non-profit organization. My mission is to rescue single mothers living in poverty by helping and inspiring them. For her strength and perseverance in helping herself and her family achieving her educational goals and inspiring and giving back to others Good Life Family Magazine is honored to present this months VIP award to Shanjula Harris. I didnt want my kids to be homelesssays Shanjula of her children. In- spired by their mom who earned a college degree while living at the Family Gateway shelterTwQuan Susporiea and Deon followed in her footsteps. Deon attendedTexasTech Susporiea whose nickname isPrecious is studying nursing atTexasWesleyan in Ft.Worth and next yearTwquan plans to attend either the University of NorthTexas or University ofTexas at Arlington to study mechanical engineering. Our VIP Very Inspiring Parent Award honors the everyday and not-so- everyday heroes in our midst. Those whose tenacity integrity and courage inspire others to exemplify the same character and put their families and community first in spite of the challenges life has thrown at them. Good Life Familywillpresenttherecipientwithanelegantcrystalawardandwillmakea donation to the charity of their choice.There will be oneVIP Award recipient in each issue of Good Life Family Magazine and featured on For complete details and to nominate someone for this prestigious awardvisitwww.goodlifefamilymag.comoremailusatTriciagood- Shanjula is a perfect example of someone who when they work hard can achieve. She startedoutasaclientandyesFamilyGateway supported her but she had her goals and her dreams and she raised her kids and finished her education and all while at the shelter. That was all her Now she is giving back to Family Gateway by volunteering and inspiring others. - David Depuma Development Officer Family Gateway who nominated Shanjila for the VIP Award 10 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 Homelessness among teens has become a rampant and widespread issue in our society. The statistics are staggering and not just in large urban areas where you envision homeless people living under the bridge loitering underground in the subway or lying on the sidewalks huddling under newspapers trying to keep warm. Rob Scichili Marketing and Communications Director of City House an organization that works with North Texas kids who are at risk for abuse neglect or homelessness states Homeless neglected and abused children used to be topics centered around urban life and its issues. Today nothing could be further from the truth. Suburban economic growth equals thousands of minimum wage jobs for those who can get to them. Many of these earners moved from the cities or poor- er areas to work and live below poverty here in Collin County and surrounding areas. Conversely work force reduction in white-collar positions resulted in job loss foreclosures and financial commitment struggles mak- ing it harder to maintain lifestyles and make ends meet. When hopelessness sets in people often turn to abusive behavior that plays out through alcoholism drug abuse aggression violence sexual and physical abuse and in some cases family abandonment. Teen homelessness is a huge problem right here the suburbs of North Texas Frisco Plano Lewisville Den- ton etc. and teens who are homeless face unique issues. They are still only teens after all and life as a teenager is complicated enough without having to worry about where you are going to sleep tonight or if you will have enough to eat. For most homeless youth finishing high school is the only way out of their plight. Fortunately federal law requires public schools to make certain that homeless youth have access to education transportation to and from school and even a hot breakfast andor lunch. However schools are not required to provide housing. Pursuant to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act school districts are required to have counselors or liaisons whose duties include identifying homeless youth helping them stay in school and connecting them with agencies that can see that their basic needs are met. Identifying homeless teens can be difficult because many of these teens are ashamed of and embarrassed by their situation and want to attempt to handle things on their own as long as they can. Its not unusual for a teen to be homeless for a significant period of time before a friend friends parent teacher coach or coun- selor makes the discovery. A 2014 report from Amer- icas Promise Alliance estimates that young people who experience homelessness are 87 percent more likely to stop going to school. In spite of the schools and social agencies best efforts to help these youth stay in school homeless teens can face obstacles to staying in school because of legal guardianship requirements residency requirements and lack of access to medical or educa- tion records. Consequently many homeless youth face severe challenges in supporting themselves financially and emotionally without a proper education. Because of their young age many of these teens have few legitimate opportunities to earn enough money to meet their basic needs. As a result many teens turn to survival sex or exchanging sex for food clothing or shelter. Covenant House New York CHNY is New York Citys largest provider of services for homeless youth ages 16 to 21. In 2013 CHNY conducted an ex- tensive study on the closely intertwined issues of human trafficking and teen homelessness. CHNY states they have always known that traffickers and other exploiters seek out vulnerable youth to recruit and victimize. Yet they say young people do not arrive at the doors of their shelter stating Help I have been trafficked. Instead they say Help I need food and a place to sleep. Their study reports that the number one commodity traded in return for sexual activity was shelter. Over 48 of the participants in the study almost half say they did it because they did not have a place to stay. These youth explained how traffickers hang out in areas where homeless youth are known to gather and then tell them that the shelters are full and offer them a place to stay instead of sleeping on the streets. The homeless youth also reported that other commodities often traded for sexual activity include food drugs clothing and mon- ey to support children or younger siblings. Many told of being kicked out of their homes off of their friends couch or out of a shelter and in a panicked state made the decision to find a sugar daddy an ex-boyfriend with whom they had a history of abuse or anyone who would let them stay in their home and off the street in exchange for sexual activity. No Place to Call Home by Melissa Chaiken Section Editor The National Coalition for the Homeless defines homeless youth as individuals under the age of eighteen who lack parental foster or institutional care. Homeless youth can also be referred to as unaccompanied youth. Many teens are homeless along with their families who have fallen on hard times but there are just as many if not more who are homeless on their own trying to make their way in the world without anyone looking out for their well-being. Continued on Page 12 87 Eighty-seven percent of young people who experience homelessness are likely to stop going to school. 48 Nearly half of of CHNY study participants they traded sexual activity for shelter. CITY HOUSE City House was founded in 1988 by two Plano school teachers Nancy Boyd and Kay Goodman who noticed one of their students living out of his locker one living in his car another living in a va- cant building and still another bringing her clothes to school in a garbage bag. What began as a six-bed teen shelter serving Pla- no ISD homeless students has grown into a 48-bed multi-faceted organization serving North Texas youth who are at risk of abuse neglect or homelessness. City House helps youth ages newborn to 21-years old through three primary programs Emergency Shelter forchildreninPlanoOutpatientCounselingServicesforindividuals and families andTransitional Living Programs in Plano and Frisco. The Emergency Shelter which is called My Friends House is a 24bed facility that provides round-the-clock care and services to children ages newborn to 17. City House works with Child Pro- tective Services to take in kids who have been removed from their home as a result of abuse abandonment neglect or a dangerous environment. These youth can stay at the shelter for up to 90 days while City House staff work to get them back into the home or into foster care. My Friends House specializes in keeping siblings to- gether since separating children from their siblings after removing them from the home only adds to their trauma City House gives these children peace of mind by knowing where their siblings are andseeingthemeverydayaplacewherebrothersandsisterscan heal together. The shelter has its name so children staying there can avoid the embarrassment of saying they are living in a shelter. So when asked they can answerI live at My Friends House. The Emergency Shelter also has a program to address the im- mediate needs of runaway or homeless youth for an average stay of 21 30 days. The goal of City House is to increase youth safety well-beingandself-sufficiencyaswellastohelptheseyouthbuild permanentconnectionswithcaringandsafeadults. Otherservices availabletotheseyouthareindividualandfamilycounselingmed- ical examination upon intake individualized case management academic assistance transportation assistance to work or school nutritional education recreational activities positive youth devel- opment and support and life skills and therapeutic group classes. City House also operates a Transitional Living Program TLP for homeless youth ages 18 21. The staffs focus is to help them grow and learn to live independently. Residents may stay up to 18 months and residency is conditioned upon attending school or work. Additionally the residents are required to attend life skills classes where they learn resources such as budgeting searching for a job learning how to do laundry and other household tasks rsumbuildingandinterviewingandapplyingforcolleges. There are strict rules regarding alcohol and drug use overnight guests and contributing to household chores. At theYouth Resource Cen- ters any youth or young adult may get similar assistance even if not a resident. City House is an official Safe Place Organization working in conjunction with local QuikTrip QT locations in Collin and Denton counties. A Safe Place Organization helps provide quick access to help and resources for youth who are runaways abused homeless kicked out of the house or in any unsafe situation. Any troubled youth who show up at a local QT store in need of help will immedi- ately be put in touch with City House. City House will host its annual fundraiser gala on Sep- tember 19 in Frisco. For more information please see the Calendar of Events in this issue of Good Life Family Maga- zine and 12 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 Continued From Page 11 Other studies have shown that 20 to 40 percent of homeless youth identify as Les- bian Gay Bisexual or Transgender LGBT. While these LGBT homeless youth face many of the same risk factors as homeless youth that identify as heterosexual such as the absence of caring adults in their lives estrangement from family and a lack of shelter and constructive opportunities they are also burdened with discrimination and bullying. As stated before the teen years are already rife with anxiety and stress under the best of circumstances without having the additional strain of not having an adult looking out for your welfare. Therefore it is not surprising that homeless youth often suffer from greater risk of severe anxiety and depression suicide poor health and nutrition and low self-esteem. The reasons for the increased homelessness in the youth population usually fall into three interrelated categories family problems economic problems and resi- dential instability. Disruptive family conditions are the most common reason that youth leave home. These family dynamics can include physical mental or sexual abuse neglect substance abuse or mental illness within the home teen pregnancy or rejection because a teen is LGBT. Kim Hinkle Executive Director of Journey to Dream an organization that works with at risk youth in North Texas states The biggest misconception is that these are bad troubled kids. A lot of times their fam- ilies are in the nicest neighborhoods in the school district with lots of money. But they come from an abusive environment and they have to leave that situation. There are also a number of cases where youth are asked to leave the home because the family is unable to provide for a teens specific mental health or disability needs or the families simply cant afford to care for the teen. Some youth may become homeless if their families experience a financial crisis and there is no affordable housing limited employment opportunities insufficient wages no medical insur- ance or inadequate welfare benefits. Some teens become homeless with their fami- lies but are later separated from them because of child welfare policies or arbitrary shelter rules. Finally many homeless youth have aged out of the foster care system. These teens are discharged from their residential or institutional placements because of their age but they often have little or no income support and limited housing options and are therefore more likely to end up on the streets. So where do these homeless kids turn for help Sadly there is a severe shortage of options for them. Samantha Batko Director Homelessness Research Institute says If they are lucky a homeless youth gets a shelter bed or sleeps on a friend or family members couch. If they are unlucky they sleep on the streets in cars in abandoned buildings they may ride public transit all night or they may barter sex for a place to stay. The important point is that every night homeless youth are turned away from shelter and housing programs because of a lack of capacity. Many homeless teens resort to couch surfing. Couch surfing is defined as situa- tions where homeless youth are living in unstable andor temporary living arrange- ments such as the couches or spare bedrooms of friends boyfriendsgirlfriends or other family members. Couch surfing may seem like a safe alternative to living on the street. Staying with friends seems preferable to a shelter but again these teens are extremely vulnerable and are often forced to engage in unsafe or illegal activities such as prostitution dealing drugs or theft as a way of keeping a place to stay mak- ing money or just surviving. Journey to Dream and City House are two North Texas organizations that are making strides in helping homeless youth in our community. JOURNEY TO DREAM KYLES PLACE JourneytoDreamJTDwasfoundedin2004bytwomomsKim Hinkle and Kari Rusco whose vision was to support kids silently struggling with the isolation and chaos that addiction and abuse often bring. Since its inception the organization has positively impacted more than 80000 students through school assemblies youth development and enrichment groups and community outreach. All of JTDs programs are aimed at empowering young people with the tools necessary to overcome adversity and achieve their goals and dreams. JTD is contracted with Lewisville Indepen- dent School District one of the largest districts in NorthTexas and has provided programs for many other school districts in the area. ThepeopleatJTDmakeadifferenceinthelivesofsufferingteens in three ways they embrace equip and empower. One thing most teens have in common is the need to be accepted. Many have had theirworldsturnedupsidedownbydivorceabuseaddictiondeath and homelessness. The teen years are difficult enough as young people are trying to figure out who they are where they belong and who they can trust. JTD embraces these teens who are facing additional challenges and works to provide a safe place for hurting teens to develop a strong sense of self-worth and belonging. JTDS programs also work to equip teens with the tools they need to develop into self sufficient productive and healthy adults. Manyteensdonotgettheguidancetheyneedtolearntocopewith difficult emotions to learn how to communicate with others in a healthy and respectful way or how to resolve conflict and set nec- essary boundaries in life. Hinkle who is also the Executive Director of JTD saysIts about teaching them what a healthy relationship is and isnt. Once teens are equipped with these essential life skills they are empowered to use their own voice for positive change on their school campus or in their community. JTD encourages them to use their personal story of overcoming adversity to inspire others who are similarly struggling. Hinkle relays that during the course of their work and interac- tionwithstudentsatvariouslocalhighschoolstheydiscoveredthe hidden epidemic of youth homelessness. Now JTD is taking on its most challenging endeavor yet Kyles Place. In 2012 JTD lost a student named Kyle in a devastating tragedy. Around this same time they were becoming more aware of the growing prevalence of teen homelessness. The vision of JTD is that it will be a home for hurting and homeless teens and will provide them with a safe placetosleephealthymealseverydaybasicnecessitieshelpwith schoolworkandsafeadultsthatwilllovethembacktolife. Hinkle saysOur priority will always be to reunite these teens with family when its possible but when its not to give them a strong support system that will help them succeed as adults. JTD wants Kyles Place to embody the same love and compassion the same huge hugs and smiles and the same integrity that Kyle exemplified. JTDwillhosttheirDreamBigGalaonNovember7inLew- isville. Funds raised at this event will be used to make the dream of Kyles Place a reality. For more information on the event see the Calendar of Events in this issue of Good Life Family Magazine. WHY KYLES PLACE Because there are homeless teens without a safe place to sleep tonight. Because human traffickers are looking for them. Because instead of studying theyre worried about if they will have food to eat and a place to sleep. Our hearts desire is to see every young person physically emotionally and spiritually healthy ready to take on all the challenges the real world offers - and succeed. - Journey to Dream 31ST ANNUAL CARE BREAKFAST Presented by FEATURING 2015 NFL HALL OF FAMER HONORARY CHAIRS Monday October 5 2015 800 a.m. Frontiers of Flight Museum 6911 Lemmon Avenue Dallas Texas 75209 Charles Haley is a retired American football linebacker and defensive end who played in the NFL for the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. In the 1986 NFL Draft he was selected in the fourth round out of James Madison University where he was a two-time All-American and the schools leading tackler with 506 stops. The only player in NFL history to have been on five Super Bowl winning teams Haley was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2011 and was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2015. For years Haley has dealt with bipolar disorder which ultimately led to his battle with drug abuse. Today Haley is in recovery and works passionately with Tackle Tomorrow the fund he created to help educate children who struggle to read and write. CARE is a valuable community organization that administers education classes for families struggling with substance abuse provides speakers for students parents and educators in Dallas and Collin County and serves as a no-cost confidential referral resource for anyone who needs help with alcohol or drug problems. CARE serves more than 10000 families each year through its programs. CARE 5817 Hillcrest Ave Dallas Texas 75205 214.526.8986 WWW.CARE-DALLAS.ORG Individual tickets for the breakfast are 150 each and sponsorship opportunities begin at 600. For tickets or sponsor information please contact the CARE office at 214.526.8986 or email Space is limited and reservations are required. Charles Lewis Haley NFL 2015 Hall of Fame inductee and re- tired linebacker and defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers will be the keynote speaker at the 31st Annual CARE Breakfast on Monday October 5th beginning at 8 a.m. For years the pass rusher who earned five Super Bowl rings has dealt with bipolar disorder something he never acknowl- edged until after his football playing days. WFAA Channel 8s Scott Murray will conduct an interview with Charles and take us on his journey of drug abuse and its destructive consequenc- es before he finally got help. To- day Charles is in recovery and works passionately with Tackle Tomorrow the fund he created to help educate children during non-school hours. Honorary Event Chairs are Natalie and Mike McGuire. The breakfast will be held at the Frontiers of Flight Museum 6911 Lemmon Avenue in Dallas. CARE is a non-profit organization that funds education class- es for families struggling with substance abuse. It also provides speakers for students parents and educators in Dallas and Collin County and serves as a no cost confidential referral resource for anyone who needs help with alcohol or drug addiction. CARE serves more than 10000 families each year through its programs. Space is limited and organizers anticipate a sell-out crowd. For more information contact the CARE office at 214-526-8986 or email Care to Tackle Drug Alcohol Abuse JOIN HALL OF FAMER CHARLES HALEY AT THE 31ST ANNUAL CARE BREAKFAST goodDEEDS byTriciaWhite Managing Editor Drug and alcohol awareness is critical in the education of our teens and tweens. Through classes and speakers we are able to reach students and their parents and start emphasizing the dangers of addiction. - Pam Murray CARE Executive Director 14 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 goodADVICE Preserving Life Even After Youre Gone Life Insurance Is A Good Investment W e know life insurance is an important way to provide for our loved ones but there are many benefits of having a policy that you may never have considered. Bobby Davidson local independent agent tells us more Life insurance has a tax-free death benefit. The value of the policy is the value that is passed along to your beneficiaries and generally it does not have to be reported as income. The cash value of a permanent policy increases over time. The average policy will be equal to its cash value at ten years says Bobby Davidson local independent agent. It just increases from there. Purchasing a policy for children is a gift for their future. Frequently grandparents will purchase a policy for their grandchildren. Davidson does warn however Its a wonderful gift as long as the grandparents have taken care of themselves first. A life insurance policy can make sure the children have guaranteed insurability. If God forbid a child were to get a disease like cancer they would not be able to purchase a life insurance policy later on even if they had no further complications. Some policies have the option to purchase additional insurance at intervals regardless of changing health. Permanent policies are totally protected. Creditors cannot go after that money. If your wealth accumulates significantly the value of your insurance can be used toward estate taxes. This only applies to those who have estates large enough to be taxable at their death but it is definitely worth discussing with an agent if it may apply to you. Oftentimes if designed correctly you may elect to quit paying premiums and the plan will go onDavidson explains. You may be able to use dividends to pay off the premiums after a certain amount of time which can be especially helpful after retirement. You can use the cash value of the policy in an emergency. If you have purchased life insurance but have little money in other investments you can sell the policy for cash. This should only be used for real emergencies but the money is there for you if you need it. If you purchase a policy with a long-term care rider you can use it to pay toward your long-term care expenses like an assisted-living facility when you need it. Life insurance can be a wonderful component of your financial portfolio but its primary purpose is still to take care of your loved ones when youre gone. Youd be shocked at the number of people who have not done planning with life insurance and wills Bobby reports. The tragic stories teach the biggest lessons. Bobby worked with a man in his early 30s with a young family. He opted not to purchase a 1 million policy even after his health physical showed some questionable spots in his lungs. Six months later he died without a policy. Months later to get through her grief his widow went to the Bahamas with some girlfriends and died in a tragic moped accident leaving their children with absolutely nothing. We can all agree our kids are our best investment. Davidson can make sure youve got them covered. He offers a complimentary consultation he calls a 360 Review. Its important to find coverage that is right for your family and it can be complicated and confusing if you dont have the right counsel says David Pidgeon who says Davidson is constantly checking in with him to update revise and alter his familys policies over the last 20 years he has worked with him. Insurance is not something you want to talk about says Pidgeon Its something you HAVE TO talk about. by AliciaWanek StaffWriter For more information contact your insurance agent or contact Bobby Davidson at 972.980.4884 or for a complimentary 360 Review Consultation. Bobby worked with a man in his early 30s with a young family. He opted not to purchase a 1 million policy even after his health physical showed some questionable spots in his lungs. Six months later he died without a policy. Jennifer Pickens was looking forward to another year of teaching but she didnt even make it to the first day of school. I was diagnosed with soft-tissue sarcoma she says and needed chemotherapyrightawaythenmonthsofradiationthensurgery.Insteadofbeingintheclassroom she was in and out of the hospital. My immune system was knocked out. I was terribly sick Jennifer explains. No one wants to be hospitalized but I knew the nurses at Baylor Medical Center at McKinney would help me through it. Now one year cancer-free Jennifer divides her time between teaching and volunteer work for a Baylor cancer support group. I love using my experience to help others. PhysiciansprovideclinicalservicesasmembersofthemedicalstaffatoneofBaylorScottWhiteHealths subsidiary community or affiliated medical centers and do not provide clinical services as employees or agents of those medical centers Baylor Health Care System Scott White Healthcare or Baylor Scott White Health.2015 Baylor Scott White Health BMCMCK_380_2015 CE 07.15 For a physician referral or for more information about cancer care services call 1.800.4BAYLOR or visit us online at BaylorHealth.comMcKinneyCancer. 5252 W University Dr. McKinney TX 75071 RE A L PAT IEN T S. RE A L S TORIES. When cancer gave me its worst Baylor gave me its best. 16 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 goodADVICE A Matter of Trust As parents of young kids we would not think of leaving our kids without trustworthy supervision even for a night out with friends. Yet when it comes to protecting our young adult and adult children many of us have not begun to make trust plans. Without a proper plan the overwhelming responsibility is left to your kids to keep people honest understand trust and estate law and make sure family assets and investments are being managed prudently. Protecting yourself and your family is really quite simple to do if you educate yourself and get some solid answers from a professional. As Sir Francis Bacon said Knowledge is power. To get some insight I called Chuck Cowell Dallas Market Chairman for Guaranty Bank Trust. GLF Can you expand on the importance of relationship banking to busy families. Please explain the importance of a banks trust department. Chuck In talking with clients about retirement planning asset protection or tax planning the single biggest mistake I see people make is failing to ask the right people the right questions. This is true when clients are talking with their financial advisors tax advisors attorneys or even bankers such as myself. Banks dont offer investment insurance tax or legal advice. Not selling tax investment or insurance products puts a relationship banker in a position to offer advice free from conflicts. A good relationship banker knows when to call on the professionals working in the banks trust department to seek their services and advice. GLF What role would the trust department have in helping a client Chuck A good relationship banker will meet with the trust professionals to help them understand each clients unique goals and objectives and help uncover various links to the different parts of a clients financial profile. The banker and the trust professionals will then meet with the client to make sure the client has asked the right questions of their advisors regarding matters such as retirement saving trust and estate planning structuring and protecting assets and philanthropic giving. GLF But at what point does a family of individual have enough assets to need this level of service Chuck The services of a trust department arent about ones assets. They are something everyone should be aware of when they begin thinking of starting a family or about building a business. The key to relationship banking is helping clients understand all the services available to them so they know who to call on when a given situation requires dependable advice and timely assistance. GLF So what do I do if I have never had a conversation with my banker about the trust services they offer What information do I need to get together and what questions do I ask Chuck The best thing to do is to call your banker and schedule an appointment to drop by to talk about the banks trust services. If any of your readers would like to call our offices and come by to learn about what our bank has to offer so they have something to compare with their banks offerings we would be glad to talk with them. The key here is that everyone needs someone to talk with to help make sure they ask the right questions and to help them make sound decisions. As relationship bankers that is at the heart of what we do to help families and communities grow. by Dan Satterfield StaffWriter The key here is that everyone needs someone to talk with to help make sure they ask the right questions and to help them make sound decisions. - Chuck Cowell Dallas Market Chairman for Guaranty Bank Trust MRI MRA CTCTA US X-RAY bone denSITY MAMMoGRAPHY FLUoRoSCoPY PeTCT nUCLeAR MedICIne Same Day Appointments Evening and Saturday Appointments On-Site Radiologist Most Insurance Plans Accepted Comfortable Waiting Areas Walk-In X-Rays Traditional MRI and Open MRI Available Advanced MRI Imaging for Concussions SWI Keller Only CereScan South Arlington Only ALLen bedFoRd CAMP boWIeFTW CLebURne dALLAS FRISCo HULenFTW KeLLeR LAS CoLInAS MAnSFIeLd MCKInneY noRTH ARLInGTon PennSYLVAnIAFTW PLAno SoUTHLAKe SoUTH ARLInGTon SoUTH dALLAS 17 Convenient dFW Locations Your Game Day Strategy Fall brings gridiron excitement game-day gatherings and great food. Score a touchdown when you host your own tailgate at home. Whether pot luck or catered all you need is football family friends and fun. And dont forget the chips and dip 20 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 goodLIVING STARPOWER BRINGS IT HOME Ready for the Game by Karyn Brodsky StaffWriter Calling all football fanatics its time to dust off your jersey head to the big game and get stuck in terrible traffic. Wait What The hassle of leaving home and fighting the masses is sure to make the NFLs most wonderful time of the year the most frus- trating time. Forget the gridlock and focus on the gridiron. Enjoy kickoff in comfort with an authentic game-like experience and all the amenities of home. Starpower a high-end retailer and custom installer of audio video security and electronic automation based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area makes it easy with a complete home theater system. Thanks to todays big screen technology and realis- tic surround sound youll think youre sitting on the 50-yard line. According to David Pidgeon CEO of Starpower Our newest TVs with 4K technology can make you feel like youre right there at the game. TVs with 4K deliver higher resolution images and better image quality with four times the pixels than a standard 1080p screen. Thats a staggering 8 million pixels which means you can see minute details. Project it on a 120-inch big screen and with all the camera angles its like you have the best seat in the house Pidgeon adds. Customers can take it one step further and add a great sound system. Now you can not only watch the game as though youre in the stadium but the sound is so good you can almost feel the roar of the crowd. For the ultimate experience Starpower builds custom leather theater seats handcrafted from the best quality full hide leather right in their Texas factory. There are also systems for budget-conscious football fans. We goodLIVINGcater to all budgets notes Pidgeon. Our 1080p projectors start at 1000 and we can build a small inexpensive room. Starpowers Star Treatment program ensures seamless customer service from beginning to end from experts who walk customers through the various options to help them make the best decision to impeccable customer service after the purchase. All custom in- stallations are performed by Starpower employees the retailer does not use subcontractors. We are the largest and the best custom installation company in America he says. Pidgeon points out that creating a home tailgating room makes financial sense in the long run. Crunch the numbers and its easy to see that the price of tickets parking and food can quickly add up to at least 1000 per game. If you buy season tickets you have nothing at the end. If you buy the home theater system you own it and can watch other sports throughout the year or convert your room into a movie theater Pidgeon explains. It lets you get away in your own home. For the latest technology custom installation and impeccable customer service Starpower unquestionably scores the winning touchdown. Welookforwardtoentertainingathome during football season. When you watch in your own media room its like being in a stadium box all the seats are great and the weather is never a problem - Ann and Scott OBlenes Thanks to todays big screen technology and realistic surround sound youll think youre sitting on the 50-yard line. 22 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 INGREDIENTS 1 12 pound ground chuck 1 12 pound ground pork or pancetta 1 12 cups panko or regular breadcrumbs moistened with 34 cup whole milk 1 cup grated Parmigiana-Reggiano 2 eggs beaten 1 tablespoon minced garlic 12 bunch fresh parsley chopped fine about 14 cup 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon ground black pepper 2 jars of marinara sauce I like Raos ITALIAN MEATBALLS Tailgate at Home by Bobbie Ames Food Entertainment Editor Football season is approaching quickly so invite some friends over and have a ball Tailgating in your own home in front of a large flat screen TV is not only fun but also much easier than a traditional parking lot tailgate. TIPS FOR A GREAT AT HOME TAILGATE PARTY Have the game playing in two locations some people attend tailgating parties to watch the gameothers to socialize. Keep it casual. This is absolutely the time for paper plates and plastic cups. Provide some friendly competition and party games like ring toss corn hole ladder ball and bocce to entertain those guests who only have one eye on the television. Surprise your guests with some unexpected food and drink. Try pair- ing international flavors with their perfect craft beer counterparts. Serve these delicious make-ahead meatballs for your next at home tailgate party. Make them days in advance and then heat prior to serv- ing. Serve each type of meatball with small skewers or toothpicks for easy handling. Place cold brews in ice-filled buckets within reach of each platter. goodLIVING DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a large bowl use your hands to mix the chuck and pork Parmigiana eggs milkbreadcrumb combination garlic parsley salt and pepper. Roll the meatballs for appetizers they should be about 1 12in diameter. Use an ice cream scoop to make the balls more uniform. When you have rolled the meatballs place them an inch apart on an oiled cookie sheet. Put pan in the oven and bake for 20 minutes turn meatballs over half way through the cooking process. While the meatballs are in the oven put the marinara sauce in a large pot and heat it until it simmers. When the meatballs are done use a spatula to remove them from the pan. Put them into the sauce and let them simmer for 10 minutes. Remove the meatballs from the sauce with a slotted spoon and place in a serving bowl. Transfer the sauce into a different serving bowl and serve next to the meatballs with a small ladle or gravy spoon. ServewithcrostinimeaninglittletoastinItalianshaved parmesancheeseandfreshparsley.Pair withanAmerican BlondeAleAmericanPaleLagerLightLageroraMaibock HellesBock. Looking for a fun-filled gourmet adventure Step up your game by hosting a custom-tailored tailgate party. SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 23 goodLIVING INGREDIENTS 1 12 pounds ground turkey 4-6 ounces feta cheese 1 small zucchini 12 cup panko bread crumbs 1 tablespoon fresh mint 12 cup fresh parsley 1 clove minced garlic skin removed 1 tablespoon lemon zest 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 tablespoon olive oil 1 large egg beaten 14 cup of chicken broth if needed to moisten mixture Salt and pepper to taste DIRECTIONS Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. In a food processor chop zucchini mint parsley and garlic.Trans- fer to a bowl. Add ground turkey feta cheese panko bread crumbs egg lemon juice and zest olive oil salt and pepper mix with hands. Form into 1 12meatballs and place on an oiled baking sheet. Place in the oven for approximately 10 minutes turn meatballs over and continue to cook for about 10 minutes more. While baking make the dipping sauce and salad. Yogurt Sauce Process 1 cup plain Greek yogurt 1 clove fresh garlic 1 tablespoon minced garlic or tsp. garlic powder pinch ofsaltteaspoonoflemonjuiceandonepeeledandseededEuro- pean cucumber. Also called the English cucumber it is a variety ofseedlesscucumber that is longer and slimmer than other va- rieties. They do not have a layer of wax on them and the skin is tender when ripe. SaladCutgrapetomatoesinhalf. AddseededanddicedEurope- an cucumber and olives. Sprinkle with lemon juice olive oil and salt and pepper. Serve with toasted pita bread diced cucumberstomatoes Greek olives the yogurt sauce and salad. Pair with a White beer English PaleAleLightLagerorTripel. GREEK TURKEY MEATBALLS To continue the theme make a sundae bar with pre-scooped 1 balls of ice cream for dessert. DIRECTIONS Leave ice cream out of the freezer until slightly soft.Working quickly form round balls out of the ice cream using a small ice cream scooper. Place balls on a baking sheet covered with wax paper and put them back into the freezer to harden. When guests are ready for dessert remove ice cream balls from the freezer and put them into a large serving bowl. Place on the table with an assortment of delectable toppings. Topping Ideas for an Ice Cream Sundae Bar High-quality chocolate sauce butterscotch sauce crumbled Heath bars crumbled Oreo cookies mini-marshmallows crushed peppermints fresh berries chopped nuts chocolate chips whipped cream. ICE CREAM SUNDAE BAR 24 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 goodHEALTH Teen Athletes and Sports Injuries With a new school year comes a new season of school sports for teens. And with that comes the commitment to two-a-days and practice the intensity of play coaches demands the pressure to be the best they can be and of course the fierce competition. You can just feel their adrenaline pumpinguntil someone gets hurt. As parents we share our teens passion for perfection and peak performance in sports yet a little voice in the back of our heads warns that they could get hurt. Is it possible to have it both ways Its time to ask yourself is your athlete really ready Every season it seems that there are new challenges and new chances for injury but also new ways to protect our kids with newer and better technology. Dr. Nick Peters Executive Medical Director of Advance ER 24 Hour Emer- gency Center in Dallas says that the proper sports gear is paramount to help- ing prevent injuries. Equipment has come a long way and today can help decrease the likelihood of all injuries. Natasha Adelstein of Highland Park IL knows the importance of proper equipment and how rapidly safety technology evolves all too well. On June 28 2014 her son Adam a 17-year-old pitcher on his high school baseball team was hit by a speeding fly ball in the head and jaw. His jaw was severed and he experienced in- ternal brain hemorrhaging causing him to undergo a craniotomy which is serious brain surgery. Had the surgical team not performed surgery immediately Adam could have bled out and died because the artery inside his skull was partially severed. Natasha says Had there been a Kevlar lin- er in Adams hat it would have protected Adam and made his injury less severe. She explains Kevlar is a recently intro- duced material not widely avail- able one year ago. She advises other parents to research the latest protective gear and to make sure your teen uses or wears it. In addition to serious injuries like Adams many doctors report seeing acute traumatic injuries like fractures sprains or concussions. Dr. Kwabena Blankson a pediatrician with subspe- cialty training in Adolescent Medi- cine says Joint sprains can occur during practice or game play but can also commonly occur when a previous injury is poorly re- habbed. He also notes that concussions can occur in many sports. Its a com- BE AWARE TAKE CARE AND WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR by Karyn Brodsky StaffWriter goodHEALTH mon misconception that concussions only occur in contact sports like football. But rotational forces experienced in sports such as gymnastics and cheerleading can also lead to concussion. Another hot button in the world of teen athletes revolves around cardiac issues. While they are rare in teens Dr. Blankson says the most important thing a parent can do to protect their child is to know their own family cardiac history. Teens with chest pain with exercise or a history of passing out with exercise should be evalu- ated by a doctor. Dr. Peters also sees over-use injuries such as tendonitis and strains in teen athletes. Over-use injuries can be more insidious as they develop slowly notes Dr. Peters. So how does a parent know if their injured teen needs immediate attention In the case of acute trau- matic injuries parents and coaches can usually tell but in the case of concussion its not always so ob- vious. Dr. Peters recommends that if there are any symptoms its wise to take the teen to a doctor. If symptoms are mild they can wait to go to the family physician. If they are severe or if someone is vomiting or knocked unconscious go to the ER and get them checked right away says Peters. For less severe injuries a variety of tests like x-rays MRIs and computerized tomography CT scans can indicate treatment protocols. Stephanie Corbin- Helms Marketing Director of Envision Imaging with 17 locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area notes typ- ically a patients physician andor urgent care facility usually reviews the injury first and makes the deter- mination during their course of treatment if they need any diagnostic procedure. Usually the first test is an X-ray followed by MRI or CT if the symptoms persist and the X-ray doesnt show any clean breaks. The MRI and CT can determine more of a cause of persistent symptoms by reviewing smaller fractures tears or lig- ament damages. After we return a diagnostic report to the treating physician in order for them to make a determination of treatment explains Corbin-Helms. Corbin-Helms says Envision Imaging performs all imaging including MRI CT Ultrasound and X-Ray. Not only do they have radiologists on-site notes Corbin-Helms we are fortunate to have radiologists that specialize in Neuroradiology and Musculoskeletal for brain and sports injuries. Neuroradiologists are key in diagnosing head injuries and brain abnormalities. Currently for concussions Envision has a unique outpatient MRI scan in two locations In Keller there is specialized MRI software that specifically targets con- cussion or head trauma injuries. The South Arlington location says Corbin-Helms offers truly advanced technology. We are the only outpatient facility in DFW to be partnered with CereScan. This partnership provides MRI brain scan imaging and SPECT imag- ing. Corbin-Helms agrees that when it comes to teens and sports injuries it definitely is a new world. For instance there are more teenage girls competing in athletics than ever before so there is an upward trend in sports injuries in that demographic. And in addi- tion to traditional sports there are also injuries from gymnastics and cheerleading. So how does a parent protect their teen from sports injuries in an ever-changing world Dr. Peters sums it up. Good coaching safe equipment and proper technique. Ifsymptomsaremildtheycanwaittogo to the family physician. If they are severe or if someone is vomiting or knocked unconsciousgo to the ER and get them checked right away. - Dr. Nick Peters Executive Medical Director Advance ER 24 Hour Emergency Center We are fortunate to have radiologists that specialize in Neuroradiology and Musculoskeletal for brain and sports injuries. Neuroradiologists are key in diagnosing head injuries and brain abnormalities. - Stephanie Corbin-Helms Envision Imaging Envision Imaging with 17 locations in the Dallas-FortWorth provides advanced MRI imaging for concussions and other sports injuries.The MRI and CT can determine more of a cause of per- sistent symptoms by reviewing smaller fractures tears or ligament damagessays Regional Director of Marketing Stephanie Corbin-Helms. 26 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 goodHEALTH PREPARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS NOT THE SAME AS ANNUAL WELLNESS CHECKUPS Tis the season when athletes must have turned in their physical forms for fall athletics lest they be turned away from the joy of two-a-days and the coming footballtrackcheeretc. season practices. What makes these checkups different from other checkups The primary goal of preparticipation physical exam- ination PPE for athletic clearance is to screen athletes for life-threatening or disabling conditions and for con- ditions that may predispose to injury or illness in the course of physical activity. A PPE is NOT considered a substitute for an annual comprehensive medical and psy- chosocial-behavioral wellness exam as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and often covered as a wellness benefit by major health plans. PPEs are often conducted in cooperation with your childs school athletic department as station examina- tions where athletes go from station to station in public areas of a school building or gymnasium to have their medical history reviewed and a physical exam com- pleted one part at a time. When done privately at your childs primary care physicians office the PPE may be completed in conjunction with or separate from an an- nual wellness exam in accordance with individual office policies. While going to your usual provider for the PPE can be faster and more holistic the more routinized sta- tion-based approach may be more sensitive to picking up subtle findings. In Texas public schools and often many private schools use the Texas University Interscholastic League Preparticipation Physical Evaluation form httpwww.uiltexas.orgfilesathletics formsPrePhysForm15.pdf which can be printed from the inter- net in advance of your childs appointment. PREPARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION MEDICAL HISTORY An athletes medical history is the most sensitive predictor of an athletes risk during training and competition. Screening med- ical history can help your provider determine if any additional testing is needed prior to clearance for participation and includes description of Current and past injuries Concussion symptoms Cardiac questions Medical problems chronic as well as recent illnesses Menstrual history Weight changes Medications by Dr. Susan Sugerman Contributor PREPARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION PHYSICAL EXAMINATION The physical examination for athletic clearance is general in some ways and specific in others. Vital signs including blood pressure resting heart rate and body-mass-index can help screen for hypertension de- conditioning and malnutrition among other relevant conditions. Cer- tain activities such as weight lifting can raise blood pressure to more than twice normal levels it is important to know where an athlete is starting from. Clearing the cardiovascular system requires specific pro- cedures in different positions. The musculoskeletal system requires a full evaluation of all critical muscles and joints from the neck to the toes of- ten in the form of an 11-point exam not routinely included in an annual wellness physical. Lab tests are considered on a case-by-case basis and are not routinely required for most athletes. CLEARANCE FOR PARTICIPATION Once your athlete is screened based on considerations from their medical history and physical exam the autho- rizing provider signs off in one of three ways 1 cleared without restrictions 2 cleared with specific restrictions or 3 cleared after evaluation or rehabilitation for a spe- cific condition. They latter two may require further testing or treatment prior to the athletes ability to return to sport. Completing your childs PPE well in advance of the start of the season will allow time to respond to any concerns hopefully in time for those two-a- days Summer is Over Is Overuse Injury Right Around the Corner by Dr. Kwabena Blankson Contributor 16-year-old Robin has had the best summer. She traveled to 3 different states with her club soccer team and won 2 tournaments School is about to start and fall soccer practice will begin shortly thereafter. 13-year-old Raymond had the laziest summer ever. He deserved a break after a grueling high school baseball season. But fall baseball looms ahead. He hasnt picked up a bat or jogged 90 feet in almost 3 months. Both of these young athletes are at risk for overuse injury. The most common musculoskeletal injuries in youth are overuse inju- ries including but not limited to Osgood-Schlatter syndrome inflamed lower knee pain patellofemoral pain syndrome kneecap irritation medial tibial stress syndrome shin splints and stress fractures. Studies have estimated the prevalence of youth overuse injury to be as high as 68.These injuries can occur secondary to anatomic issues i.e. muscle tightness foot anatomy ill-fitting equipment inappropriate footwear improper rehabilitation of previous injury biomechanical problems i.e. stride length or gait overuse Robin or from going from underuse to overuse too quickly Raymond. How can a parent identifyprevent these issues 1Talk to your teen. Seems obvious but asking about pain and fatigue is part of your job as a parent. Dont rely on the coach to ask. Some coaches will push athletes in pain a badge oftoughness waiting as a reward at the finish line. But an athlete with a little pain can become an athlete with a lot of pain if proper medical attention is not received.Teach your teen to listen to hisher body and then obey what the body says 2Take a break. Rest is a good thing. No its a great thing.The teen athlete needs adequate sleep 8 hours to rest and recuperate. Training is important. But bear in mind that studies have shown that youth who train more than 16 hours a week are at increased risk of injury requiring medical attention. Other studies report training more hours per week than their age in years is an injury risk factor. Its ok for parents to saytake a day offeven if makes them unpopular with the coach and their teen. Get a doctors note if backup is needed. Finally lets not forget another overuse injury a non-physical one. Psy- chological burnout is real.When a teen has chronic fatigue decreased sports performance and lack of enthusiasm about practice or compet- ing consider burnout. It may not be laziness. It may be a cry for help to an adult who is willing to listen. Keeping workouts fun cross-training resting one to two days per week and taking longer scheduled breaks are all strategies to keep a teen fresh focused and ready to excel in sports school and personal development. 28 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 goodLOOKS by Amy Levenson Krumholz Fashion Editor Homecoming Hoopla Pep rallies painted faces parades and the king and queens court all the fun and festivities that herald homecoming and The Big Game. And dont forget the big dance Girls get ready to express your passion for fashion and guys its more than just the ties. Its time to groove with the latest styles and trends. The Big Game WHATS A GUY TO WEAR DressTo Impress Suits 2 button notch lapel side vents Window check brown twill mixed with navy or grey Ties anything goes but lean towards the skinnier versions Monk strap shoes side buckle Trousers flat front and tapered down leg Keep It Casual West Cost Style - GrafficTees - Hoodies - Flannel check shirts layered over graphic tees - Henley shirts essentially a collarless polo shirt - Colored and dark wash jeans - Dressed-up sneakers - Fleece zip-up jackets Peace love and fun fashion Brittany goes Boho Chic with this suede skirt Altard State Goddess Headband and layered necklaces Runway SevenWatters Creek. Hattie rocks the 70s look in wide leg jeans and fringe vest from Runway Seven and lace cream top from Altard State Watters Creek location. Western Chic is a runaway favorite for Connie shown here in flannel and fringed cowboy booties. Good sport Marco a PlanoWest Senior High defensive end is ready to tackle this seasons hottest trends. SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 29 goodLOOKS The Dance Brittany showcases the 50s revival in the high-waisted full skirt dress Connie sparkles in jewel tones Hattie rocks this global influenced beaded dress Need style advice Contact Amy or go to FASHIONS FROM Lou Lou LoversLane Mine Boutique LoversLane Runway Seven WattersCreekAllenandmultipleotherlocations Altard State WattersCreekAllenandmultipleotherlocations Bevello ShopsofWillowBendSniderPlazaandmultipleotherlocations Photos by James BlandDallas Photo Studio 30 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 goodLOOKS by Amy Levenson Krumholz Fashion Editor FALL for these Fashion Trends New styles flooding the stores are a sure sign fall is here The changing of the seasons calls for some of the newest looks. Think rich hues mixed patterns lush leather and smooth suede. Get groovy with a 70s revival Boots reach new heights with chunkier heels wide leg pants are back fringe is still going strong and outwear goes to new lengths for a look thats chic and comfortable. DRESS IT DOWN The Look Sophisticated and chic cape and wide leg jean perfect for the office or power luncheon. Cape Mine Boutique University Park Jeans - Runway SevenWatters Creek Allen andmultipleotherlocations Shoes Bevello Snider Plaza Dallas andmultipleotherlocations Earrings - Lou Lou Snider Plaza Dallas Handbag -Tory Burch DRESS IT DOWN The Look Feminine lace top with distressed jeans dressy meets casual just right for a meeting at school lunch with friends or date night. Suede jacket lace top fringe purse and jeans Altard StateWatters Creek Allen andmultipleotherlocations Boots and necklace Mine Dallas DRESS IT UP The Look ThisVictorian high-necked lace dress is perfect for a cocktail party or pair it with a denim jacket and cowboy boots for a dressed- down date night. Dress - Altard StateWatters Creek Allen andmultipleotherlocations Shoes Bevello Snider Plaza Dallas andmultipleotherlocations Bracelet-AltardStateWattersCreekAllenandmultipleotherlocations DRESS IT UP The Look Mixed elements of suede and lace. Perfect for a dressy dinner or cocktail party. Dont forget apop of colorlike the purple handbag shown here to spice up any outfit this season Lace black top Altard StateWatters Creek Allen andmultipleotherlocations Earrings and handbag Lou Lou Snider Plaza Dallas Necklace Mine Boutique Dallas Shoes Bevello Snider Plaza Dallas andmultipleotherlocations SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 31 goodLOOKS Wide leg pants and jeans Fur anything Chunky heels Huggie Earrings Plaid and flannel Anything with fringe Capes ponchos and long duster jackets Suede and leather And More Winter whites Global influence Full high-waisted skirts Maxi skirts and dresses Jewel tones Crawler mis-matched earrings Army green Open toe booties Western shoe boots Pops of color Boho Chic Back-to-School Lunches AND GETTING BACK IN THAT ZONE by Bobbie Ames Food Entertainment Editor As the lazy days of summer come to an end its time to put your back-to-school routine in overdrive. Focus on delicious nutritious school lunches that fill the kids bellies and give them fuel to func- tion. Assemble them the night before to avoid early morning stress and be sure to include food you know they like theres nothing worse than lunches that get tossed in the trash. Your best bet Have the kids help you Engaging your tweens or teens will also help them become inde- pendent adults. After all you will blink and they will be off to college and managing their own meals. SHORTEN YOUR PREPARATION TIME WITH THESE SAVVY SCHOOL LUNCH TIPS Freeze a disposable water bottle the night before so it will still be cold at lunch time. It does double duty as an ice pack to keep every- thing cool. Purchase the proper containers a thermos for hot foods com- partmentalized containers for fruits nuts and cheeses mini plastic squirt bottles for salad dressings and condiments. The cost may be a bit higher but consider pre-packaged individ- ual serving sizes of hummus guacamole mozzarella brie carrots apples pre-made salads and sandwiches all readily available at any grocery store. There is nothing wrong with a sandwich but expand the lunch menu and try some of these easy nutritious and delicious lunch items. Mozzarella grape tomato and basil salad cut up ingredients sea- son with salt and pepper drizzle with lemon and olive oil sliced salamiprosciutto and bread Hummus pita chips cubes of feta cheese sliced cucumbers and carrots cubes of turkey breast Guacamole tortilla chips Spanish rice rice corn black beans fajita chicken left over from dinner goodLIVING Naturally Lose Weight Inches Reduce Blood Sugar Highs Lows Sleep Better Increase Energy Reduce Appetite Increase Mental Clarity Level Hormones Balance Endocrine System Relieve Chronic Pain NO Shakes NO Added Stimulants NO Meal Replacements 100 Natural 214-725-1981214-725-1981Tricia WhiteTricia White Better Health Weight Loss All Natural Effective Affordable Independent Ambassador 220677Independent Ambassador 220677 Visit for more information and to purchase tickets. Benefitting the students faculty staff and schools of Plano ISD Come Hit the Slopes and Celebrate S.K.I. Planos 20th Anniversary at a New Location Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center Pull out your aprs ski apparel to eat shop and dance the night away at S.K.I. Plano 2016 FEATURING Cocktails . Dinner . Live Band . Dancing Big Board . Silent Auction . Raffle Prizes . Wine Pull S.K.I. Plano is the primary fundraising event for the Plano ISD Education Foundation. SAVE THE DATE January 30 2016 STYLEamyby Amy Levenson Krumholz 214 232 6601 personalshopperstylistfashionconsultant personal shopping closet makeover wardrobe consultation ensemble styling speaking engagements ADVERTISE. REACH. EXPAND. REPEAT. GOODLIFEFAMILYMAG.COM Want to reach parents with kids tweens to twenties JOIN OUR FAMILY CONTACT KIMBERLY BROWN ADVERTISING MANAGER KIMGOODLIFEFAMILYMAG.COM Sliced steak leftover from dinner crusty bread provolone cheese and arugula sandwich Turkey chili in a thermos with grapes on the side Soup in a thermos with crackers and cheese on the side Chef salad and a small bag of nuts Greek yogurt mini plastic bottle of honey gra- nola nuts and fresh fruit If you decide on a sandwich Fight off sogginess - wrap the bread and cheesemeats sepa- rately and include a miniature squirt bottle of your kids favorite condiment. Increase the vegetables - crisp raw vegetables on a sandwich are not only healthy but delicious. Include a quick slaw shredded carrots purple cabbage and radishes dressed with vinegar and oil in a separate container to be added to the sandwich at lunch time. Increase the fresh factor - add peppery arugula or basil to sand- wiches for something new and fresh. Talk food to me at ACTORS MODELS CORPORATE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING JAMES BLAND James Bland is an award-winning photographer who captures the expression personality and mood of his subjects and makes it seem effortless 13331 Preston Road Suite 1020 Dallas 75240 150 HEAD SHOT SPECIAL A 250 VALUE CALL 214-577-5200 TO BOOK YOUR IN-STUDIO SESSION. Offer valid in-studio only. Includes photo retouching. Excludes prints. Expires 103015. Weekly Headlines Direct to Your Inbox Access to the Digital Edition of Good Life Family Magazine Sign up at Subscribe SHARE. LIKE.TWEET. REPEAT. GOODLIFEFAMILYMAG.COM No purchase necessary. By subscribing you will automatically be entered to win a gift card to Kennys Burger Joint. Drawing will be held on October 31 2015. Your Go-To Parenting Source is Just a Click Away Every Day Sign Up and Enter to Win a 50 Gift Card to Kennys Burger Joint Changing SeasonsAND THE SEASONS OF CHANGE Every stage of life has its own theme from the wonderment of birth to our ending days and everything in-between. Its about personal growth and with growth comes change chang- es in our minds our bodies our social status our goals and our view of the world. Its even evident in something as benign as returning to school each year when we begin anew a little older a little taller and a little wiser. We like to call it the playlist of life. Everything has its season everything has its time. - Pippin Corner of the Sky lyrics by Stephen Schwartz by Karyn Brodsky StaffWriter 36 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 goodGUIDE ELEMENTARY TO MIDDLE SCHOOL Probably the most noticeable transfor- mation occurs when a child enters mid- dle school. In addition to the obvious phys- ical changes of puberty hormones play evil tricks on moods and kids start to notice the opposite sex. Social pressure is beginning to rear its ugly head. According to Sonja Pegram Principal at Renner Middle School in Plano The tran- sition from elementary to middle school involves the element of the unknown along with the tall tales of big schools. Pegram explains that fifth graders start to worry about their transition to middle school around winter break of their fifth grade year. There is anxiety about impending homework study habits being tardy dealing with bullies and keeping up with the big kids. This often mitigates the excitement of moving on to bigger and better educational experiences. Unfortunately many of these exaggerations start with their fifth grade teachers explains Pegram. They are simply trying to give those last few pushes of preparation and in some cases they use these tactics to keep students from misbehaving or not getting early fifth-gradeitis much like senioritis. Though the transition from elementary school to middle school at first appears daunting students eventually realize their fears were unfounded and that they were overwhelmed by the unknown. Ch - Ch - Changes.- Changes lyrics by David Bowie The transition from elementary to middleschoolinvolvestheelement of the unknown along with the tall tells ofbig schools. - Sonja Pegram PARENT TO PARENT ADVICE Work with your child on a system of organization. We used an accordion binder labeled for each class. This gave a designated place for papers and homework. Have your child use an agendacal- endar to write down all homework. If there is no homework have the child mark with a large X. Take advantage of before school and after school tutoring. - Stephanie R. Plano Middle school brings a lot of new challenges between friends. Par- ents need to step back and let the kids learn how to handle these con- flicts. Try not to get involved unless absolutely necessary. - Amy B. Frisco Teach them to use their time wise- ly. Dont let them wait for the last minute to study for tests or com- plete projects. Other things always come up that need to get done. - Trish Z. Carrollton SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 37 goodGUIDE MIDDLE TO HIGH SCHOOL The transition from middle school to high school signals the need to be cool. Peer pressure fitting in and being accept- ed are top of mind as preteens morph into teens. By the end of high school the mantra is more like Ive Gotta Be Me Golden Rainbow lyrics by Walter Marks as upperclassmen strive to distinguish themselves. Stephany Sipes Assistant Principal at Independence High School in Frisco says that moving from middle school to high school brings many challenges the biggest of which is the social aspect including meeting people fitting in and adjusting to an unfamiliar routine. Its a new and larger school all of the teachers are new and friend groups change explains Sipes. From her professional view she feels that students should embrace their new envi- ronment and dive in head first. I always encourage students to get plugged into high school right away whether its an athletic team fine art group or by joining a student organization emphasizes Sipes. Connectedness has a major impact on student transition and success. Whats the matter with the crowd Im seeing Dont you know that theyre out of touch - Still Rock and Roll to Me lyrics by Billy Joel I always encourage students to get plugged into high school right away whether its an athletic team fine art group or by joining a student organization. Connectedness has a major impact on student transition and success. - Stephany Sipes PARENT TO PARENT ADVICE Dont micromanage or helicopter parent your child. High school is the time you want them to make mistakes while they are still under your roof. - Christy E. McKinney When your high school student begins a serious conversation or asks an in-depth question remind yourself to pause before responding. Then instead of giving the answers ask questions to find out what is behind the conversationquestion. Also sometimes you just need to TRUST. -Jeanne L. Dallas Encourage your child to get involved in an activity such as a club band athletics etc. This will help them meet new people and find a core group of friends. - Ann M. Plano Shepton High School students Pictured here at theTexas State Capitol in Austin at a Student Congress STUCO summer workshop. When more students are involved in extracurricular activities not only do they benefit from meeting new people but the school benefits from the studentsparticipation. - Alec Barath a Shepton High School sophomore and member of STUCO 38 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 goodGUIDE HIGH SCHOOL TO COLLEGE As teens matriculate from typical teenager to Joe and Jane Col- lege they welcome the opportunity to confirm their identity and reach their highest potential. For many its the first time theyre on their own and masters of their own destiny. Plano mom Karolyn Fritz is closely watching to see how her daugh- ter makes the transition from high school to college. The biggest challenge for my daughter has been being fiercely independent but a little cautious on what the future will bring observes Fritz. Plano West is a large high school which will make the transition to Univer- sity of Texas easier. Fritz notes that her daughter will be responsible for making her own way and speaking up for herself. It may cause her daughter some uneasiness at first but Fritz knows that in the end it will be a learning and maturing experience for her little girl. We will be her advocate but from afar. I know the future holds nothing but great things for her and she has the world in front of her. Ive got to be where my spirit can run free. - Pippin Corner of the Sky lyrics by Stephen Schwartz We will be her advocate but from afar. I know the future holds nothing but great things for her and she has the world in front of her. - Karolyn Fritz PARENT TO PARENT ADVICE Make sure they have a solid understanding of basic finances and budgets. - Rob L. Dallas PARENT TO STUDENT ADVICE Join an organization that will help you get out of your comfort zone . Find one where people have similar beliefs morals and interests as you. - Rhonda W. Plano Explore the different organizations and clubs offered on campus. Pick one or two that you thoroughly enjoy. Re- member less is more. - Jennifer G. Allen STUDENT TO STUDENT ADVICE Be extremely friendly to everyone you meet Make as many friends as possible and dont just hang out in your dorm go OUT and put yourself out there. - Emily M. student University of Texas Schedule yourrelax time. You already schedule your classes and even your study time. Schedule time for fun because you will enjoy all of college if you recharge and take care of your whole self. - Sean M. Oklahoma University Recent graduate Kaitlyn Fritz with mom Karolyn. goodGUIDE COLLEGE TO JOB OR GRADUATE SCHOOL The conferral of a bachelors degree triggers a plethora of feelings within the graduate including pride respon- sibility and the yearning to become a productive member of society. This is uncharted territory especially those transforming from carefree student to more reserved employee. Mackenzie R. Ferch of Dallas knows firsthand how challenging this can be. In transition- ing from col- lege to the real world and corporate landscape the most difficult thing for me personally to grasp was that manners matter always admits Ferch. That is not to say that college taught or molded me to be impolite or loud but I did make mistakes post-graduation. Ferch emphasizes that it is important to be self-aware and constantly conscious of what one says and how one conducts himself or herself. Even the tone or body language I model can influence so many things at work - there are two parts to every job getting your work done right and working well with others. Ferch says college equipped me with the knowledge and skills to excel at the mechanics of her job but experience and empirical knowledge is how she is growing and polishing her delivery. Gotta find my corner of the sky. - Pippin Corner of the Sky lyrics by Stephen Schwartz In transitioning from college to the real world and corporate landscape the most difficult thing for me personally to grasp was that manners matter always. - Mackenzie Ferch TIPS TO COLLEGE STUDENTS FROM TWENTY-SOMETHING COLLEGE GRADS Graduating from college and entering the work force is the perfect time to take a risk in life. Youve got the next 43 years of your life to build a career now is the time to find the career that will make you happy. Move somewhere new and exciting make new friends try new experiences and adventures while youre young and single and you have no children and no responsibility to anyone but yourself. And if the first choice you made didnt work out thats okay You have plenty of time to change course and try some- thing new. - Lee B. Youre going to make a lot of choices in your adult life that feel like they will hold the key to your future but thats just not the case. Its impossible to make the perfect choice every time because that perfect choice doesnt exist. And the best part is theres always time to change your decision. Dont get caught up in the money or the stock options or the title do something that will keep you entertained and excited. Its rare that a college grad will be treated in the real world or work force the way they think they deserve to be treated. So make sure youre enjoying what you do for yourself not because someone else wants you to do that because you have to go to work everyday. - Nicole P. GLF wants to hearfrom you on yourtransition thoughtsor tips. Email Tricia SCHEDULE A Discover POP Tour SEE OUR AGES 6 WEEKS THROUGH GRADE 12 27 ACRES OF CAMPUS IPAD CAMPUS CURRICULUM FOCUS LITERACY MATH SCIENCEAND TECHNOLOGY STEM EXCEEDS NATIONAL AND STATE TEST SCORE AVERAGES AT ALL LEVELS 500-SEAT FINE ARTS CENTER EAGLE STADIUM SPORTS COMPLEX 12 ACRES OF SPORTS FIELDS PRINCE OF PEACE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL EARLY LEARNING CENTER WWW.POPCS.ORG 972-447-0532 NEARTHE NORTH DALLASTOLLWAY PLANO PARKWAY Congratulations Your child is ready to take off on his own. Per- haps hes going to college or beginning a new career or a re- lationship with a significant other. Its time to pat yourself on the back for a worthy parental accomplishment. So why dont you feel like celebrating And why are you spending most of your time with your eyes glued to your phone hoping hell call or text you While empty nest syndrome has become an easily recognized term in our society not everyone realizes that it can be associated with a profound sense of grief. Adding to that grief is the fact that empty nest syndrome often coincides with other major life events such as menopause retirement and the need to care for elderly parents. A child leaving home naturally conjures feelings of loss and uncertainty. It is after all a significant change and one that may require patience to accept. It takes time to regain your mo- mentum having gone from much-needed parent to once again an independent person. While both men and women are susceptible to empty nest syn- drome women seem to feel it more deeply perhaps because of the strong nurturing role most mothers provide. Suzanne Feiler a therapist specializing in womens issues at Insights Collabora- tive Therapy Group in Dallas says I think its important for the empty nester to be intentional about the way she thinks about this new chapter in her life. Mindfully choosing a positive framework through which to understand and enjoy this radically new pas- sage in your story is a powerful graduation gift to give yourself. Youve completed a truly difficult task eighteen years in the mak- ing so go ahead and allow yourself to feel the accomplishment. Feiler also says that its a mothers well-earned moment to finally return her nurturing focus back to herself after years of pouring vital energy and attention into someone else. If youre married or in a long-term relationship this is the per- fect time to fully reconnect with your partner. Mark this passage with something bubbly andor a special celebration. Mary Sanger a marriage and family therapist and the founder of Insights of- fers several ways for couples to deal with empty nest syndrome. Give yourself and your partner things to look forward to such as The Empty Nest Syndrome STARTING YOUR NEXT CHAPTER goodTO KNOW by Kristin Cicciarelli Contributor Life can get messy... ....let Insights help clean up your mess. Healthy living requires an holistic approach mind body and spirit. Therapy is like yoga for your mind it calms it stretches it strengthens it builds endurance. Insights provides a comfortable relaxed and inviting environment where you can calm your heart stretch your mind strengthen your internal resources and build your skills and endurance to face lifes difficulties. Anger Management Abuse Recovery ADDADHD Alcohol Drug Addiction Anxiety Behavior Problems with Kids and Teens Career Problems Co-Dependency Compulsive Behavior Depression Mood Disorders Parenting Problems Pre-MaritalMarital Counseling Divorce Recovery Relationship Problems Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders Sex Addiction Sexual Problems Social Skill Problems in Children Trauma 214.706.0508 5445 La Sierra Drive Suite 204 Dallas TX 75231 planning a few weekend trips or starting a dinner or book club with other empty nesters she says. Find old and new things to enjoy and share together. And if youre considering downsizing which many empty nesters do try not to rush into it. Too much change in a short time span can be very psychologi- cally stressful. Acknowledge your grief. Celebrate your accomplishment. Be gentle with yourself during this transition. And reach out to others to share your feelings whether its your partner a trusted friend or a thera- pist. goodTO KNOW Give yourself and your partner things to look forward to such as planning a few weekend trips or starting a dinner or book club with other empty nesters. - Mary Sanger marriage and family therapist Insights Collaborative Therapy Group 42 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 Life In an Empty Nest goodTO KNOW BOOHOO OR YAHOO Changing diapers play dates carpools homework PTA meetings cheering on the team late nights homecoming cooking coaching grocery shopping doctors appointments college applications all part of the transitions of life from the moment your kids are born to the time they leave your nest. We asked local parents to tell us about life after kids. I totally felt Yahoo This was because my last son was so ready to go to college. He is happy which has made us happy with this new stage in his life. Although he is some distance from Dallas at the University of Alabama we get to game days and other activities to make it a point to be a part of his new endeavor. So I do not miss the day-to-day laundry meal mak- ing and carpooling. I enjoy my extra time by traveling more with my husband being at our lake home yoga volunteering and of course organizing areas that have needed organizing for a long time - Debbie Rose pictured with son Brandon McKinney I felt Yahoo. I enjoy spending time with my hus- band my dogs and my foster dogs and I found a way to stay connected to my high school mom friends. As our children moved from high school to college life a group of moms at JPII decided to maintain their bond and have some fun by getting together forOperation College Care Packages. The way it works is one mom hosts a packing lunch. Each mom arrives with an item for each student that she has chosen from the following categories sweets savory holiday school supplies or utensils with a Halloween Valentine or Easter theme. Sometimes as many as 18 moms participate each mom signs a card for each student. Packing is followed by a sit down lunch and time for sharing stories about our kids new experiences away from home for the first time. Its a wonderful time to visit and the kids love the treats - Jyll Spears pictured with son Ryan Plano Have your kids flown the coop Share your thoughts feelings advice and adventures with us Email I definitely felt Boohoo when both of my kids went to college. When my youngest went off to college I tried many things. I went back to work but that didnt make me happy. I found new hobbies like jew- elry making and furniture painting and I continued to play Mahjongg with my friends. I am learning to take time for me and to stop and smell the flowers - Teresa Niermeyer Plano At first I was very sad when my twin sons went off to different colleges. I trea- sured every minute on our family trip to Canada the summer before they left. I soon became excited to be a couple with my husband again without worrying about the kidsschedule. We enjoy a more casual schedule and can do things on our own time and at a moments notice. We also downsized and bought a home with many remodeling project to keep me occupied. Brenda Richard pictured climbing a glacier in Canada Prosper As my fourth child graduated from high school in 2012 I was feel- ing all kinds of emotions - sadness that all my children were grown relief happiness and pride that all were accepted into the college of their choice and anxiety on what the future held for my husband and me. My life for the previous 24 years had centered around my childrens activities and volunteering at their schools. After getting our youngest child settled into her first year of col- lege I was at a loss for what to do with my free time. Since my husband has Parkinson Disease we had attended informa- tion sessions and fundraising activ- ities for Parkinson Voice Project a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring and preserving the voices of those people that have Parkinson Disease and other related neuro- logical disorders. After becoming familiar with this organization and the wonderful service they provide I began volunteering at the clinic in Richardson. I felt satisfied that I had found another purpose in my life. I began volunteering in the spring of 2013 and by summer I was of- fered a paid part-time position as a Patient Liaison. The CEO quickly recognized the skills that I devel- oped in planning and coordinating events at my childrens schools and in 2013 I became the Community Relations Manager. I love what I do and I still have time to volunteer at the high school in an alumni mom position travel with my husband and children and take classes that will help me be more valuable to Parkinson Voice Project. - Ceil Pajda Richardson 44 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 Lets be honest. No region or country has a lock on most relaxing cities but I think these vacation destinations fit the bill nicely. Take a look. SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA Sunny skies pretty beaches happy people. Gosh that makes San Diego sound like Pleas- antville right before the zombies arrive but its the real deal. And if you cant relax amidst fun stuff like Balboa Park Old Town San Diego nearby Legoland golf- ing surfing gorgeous spas and terrific restaurants you need to quit checking for texts and emails. See more on the San Diego visitor site. How to get there Fly to San Diego or even Los Angeles LAX is about 120 miles north but Angelenos do this drive all the time. You can also fly to Santa Ana in Orange County about 85 miles away then head south in a convertible of course. Compare prices to see which airport offers the best deal. SARASOTA FLORIDA Ill quote a friend I hate beach crowds and touristy stuff but luck- ily you cant find that here if you try. All the county beaches are free and pristine. You park on the sand and take the boardwalk to the beach. Maybe grab a hotdog or rent a fishing pole at the fish shack. Sit on the rocks and watch the dolphins come down the canal. Then watch the sun set in that beautiful gulf. Any questions If so see the Sarasota visitors site. How to get there Fly to Sarasota but also compare prices to Tam- pa 60 miles away. SARATOGA SPRINGS NEW YORK If you like horses - either racing or just standing around and looking pretty - youll like Saratoga Springs. There are also quaint shops art galleries live music nearby farms and orchards hot air ballooning and golf. And lots and lots of horses. See more info at the Saratoga Springs visitors site. How to get there Fly into Albany which is just 35 miles to the south. If youd like to get in a little New England sightseeing try flying into Burlington Vermont 115 miles away. SAVANNAH GEORGIA AND HILTON HEAD ISLAND SOUTH CAROLINA This is a two-fer because you can spend time in two great destinations just 40 miles apart. See Savannah for its Old World beauty and charm not to mention exquisite food and architecture. Then go to Hilton Head for all kinds of boating fun water sports tennis and leisure. See Savannahs visitor site and Hilton Heads visitor site for more. How to get there Fly to the SavannahHilton Head airport. Yes they share the same facility. IRELAND If you want nightlife in Dublin or Galway and many points in between dont wor- ry theres plenty. But if you want to expe- rience some of the greenest most beau- tiful vistas on earth complete with castles and history then rent a car and ramble. See more at the Irish visitor site. How to get there Fly to Dublin or fly to Shannon. WILD CARD LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA Yes this is the home of Hollywood but once you get off the packed freeways there are incredible museums including two Gettys the Norton Simon and many more and nearby wilderness areas for hik- ing and outdoor fun. Or take in the scene from a sidewalk cafe to watch would-be actors and screenwriters talk deals. See more at the LA visitor site. How to get there When booking flights take your pick from Los Angeles International Burbank Long Beach or Santa Ana in Or- ange County. goodTO GO Wanna Get Away from the kids Rick Seaney is co-founder of FareCompare an airfare search site devoted to helping shoppers find the cheapest flights possible. FareCompare also offers easy-to-use practical information to help travelers save on every step of their journey. by Rick Seaney Contributor CHECK OUT THESE RELAXING VACATION DESTINATIONS SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 45 goodTO GO GLF ASKED LOCAL PARENTS FOR THEIR FAVORITE VACATION GETAWAYS SANS KIDS. HERES WHAT WE HEARD TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS There are miles of pristine white sands sparkling tur- quoise water fine restaurants quaint boutiques and luxury hotels says Heather Cosmano. She said the trip was a non- stop adventure including a snorkeling charter stand up pad- dle boarding and jet skiing. We snorkeled the third largest barrier reef in the world and our captain caught fresh conch from which salads were made for us. We were lucky enough to enjoy a surprise visit from a school of dolphins that fol- lowed us half way on our tour. If you are looking for the ulti- mate romantic dining experience Coco Bistro should be first on your list says Heather but advises advance reservations. Other favorite restaurants included Infinity Bar at Grace Bay Mango Reef Parallel 23 and Da Conch Shack. One of our favorite daily activities was our bike ride to the Salt Mills shopping area. The hotel provided the bikes and since we didnt rent a car it was a great way to soak up the sun and do a little bit of sightseeing. - Heather Cosmano and George Prokos pictured above recommend Grace Bay Beach in the Turks and Caicos Islands. NEW YORK NY Kay and Robert Tait recommend a week- end in Manhattan.The hard part is choosing what to do out of all the options during such a short visitsays Kay who said some of their favorite things to do include window shop- ping on 5th Avenue visiting the Museum of Modern Art MOMA and taking the Staton Island Ferry for close up views of the Statue of Liberty. We stayed on Central Park South our favorite location so far says Kay. Its not as noisy as Times Square and offers a lot more activities than Soho. We grabbed sandwiches and salads at a nearby deli and ate lunch on a park bench by a waterfall in Central Park. EUROPE We loved sailing on Windstar Cruises from Istanbul to Athens through Turkey and Greece. What we loved most was that we were on a small luxury ship and were able to go into spe- cial ports that the big ships cannot go in. My favorite port was Santorini and I cant wait to go back - Wendy and John Sandridge pictured right on a recent trip to Europe. SAN FRANCISCO CA In San Francisco we started in China Town where there are all kinds of jewels and trinkets to find. Then we moved on down to Fisher- mans Wharf for fish and chips and endless views. Then we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge with unbelievable views from all sides says Lauri. Then off to Napa Valley for a four- day tour of wineries. - Lauri and Darren Braschler enjoyed their time in San Francisco and Napa pictured above under the Golden Gate Bridge. NAPA VALLEY We like to travel to Napa without our kids. The weather is awesome and there are amazing places to visit. You could go again and again and never see it all We stayed in Yountville. It has a great small town feel with plenty to do within walking distance. Our favorite hotels are Hotel Yountville and Block Street Hotel. Our favorite vineyards are Pride Scribe Peju Quintessa Trefethen and Kelham. Our favorite restaurants are Mus- tards Brix and Bottega. Favorite tasting rooms are Elizabeth Spencer and Beau Wine. Smart advice Always hire a driver. We like Napa Bee Driven. Ask for Donna. - Jennifer and Louis Shaff at Kehlam Vineyard pictured left. 46 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 IN-HOME PRIVATE TUTORING ENGAGING GROUP COURSES SAT ACT GMAT AP Subjects Average Score Increase of 270 Points World-Class 98th Percentile Scores Free Initial Assessment p Interactive Live Lectures Proctored Practice Tests Detailed Score Reports p p p p p FIND OUT MORE 877 638-0707 BEST TEST PREP TUTORING IN DALLAS FORT WORTH AND HOUSTON - CBS NEWS Victory Step is a top-notch tutoring service. I was strugglingonmySATscoring1720onmyfirsttry.My tutor assured me that with hard work and practice I could get that score significantly higher. After a 16- hourcoursewithmyVictorySteptutorIwasecstatic to see my score jump to 2040. - Cyrus H. 1. QUALITY TUTORS. Victory Step only hires those who scored in the top 2 on the SAT or ACT. 2. ENGAGING INSTRUCTORS who make the pro- cess interesting. 3. A thorough INDIVIDUALIZED CURRICULUM formulated to strengthen weaknesses based on the results of an initial practice test. 4. REASONABLY PRICED instruction. WHY DOES VICTORY STEP STAND ABOVE THE REST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 47 School is back in session and the remnants of summer are not the only things heating up. For high school seniors the hot topics are college applications and standardized tests. Is it better to take the ACT or the SAT test For many its a burning issue. Varun Tewari owner of Victory Step Test Prep an education- al company with locations in Dallas and Plano says it depends on the student and their style of learning. Tewari and his staff have developed an exam that determines which standardized test provides an individual student the optimal performance. Victory Step first started administering the exam which takes one hour to complete in August of 2014. Results are typically available in one day. The difference between the two standardized tests Tewari explains is that The ACT is curriculum-based less tricky and there is no penalty for guessing. He adds The SAT is more analytical and you lose 14 point for each incorrect answer. The Victory Step exam which flags whether a student is a log- ical thinker or analytical thinker is designed for the ACT and the current SAT at this time it does not apply to the newly designed SAT which rolls out in spring 2016. Tewari says the Victory Step exam is ideal for students who dont have much time. The best way is to take both exams and see which one you do better on. College Board has a conversion chart between ACT to SAT to see which score is better. Most colleges will accept either the SAT or ACT. You can generally find this information by looking at the colleges web- site or by contacting the admissions office. Tewari asserts that the exam truly tests students knowledge reasoning and ability to allow them to achieve their full poten- tial. We tell the student that this is a serious endeavor. This preparation will help them take tests in college and develop sharp time management skills. Our goal is to make students better test takers. Nationwide notes Tewari there is not much of a discrepan- cy between the two tests about 80 of the students perform the same. So with the Victory Step exam about 20 of the students can do drastically better on one test or the other. The students are happy they can prepare for one standardized test are able to focus on it and can score higher. Victory Step provides exam preparation for the ACT and SAT academic tutoring for grades 6 through 12 and prepares college students for the GRE and GMAT exams. For more in- formation call 877 638-0707 or visit by Karyn Brodsky StaffWriter THAT IS THE QUESTION After taking group classes at Victory Step my daughter improved her SAT score by 300 points. - Periann P. The ACT or SAT 48 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 Wide Open Spaces by Melissa Chaiken Section Editor College is 90 percent amazing and 10 percent a bunch of BS. Too many times the 10 percent takes up too much of your time and your childs time. This book will keep the 10 percent from taking up too much time. It will also help you enjoy re- lax and feel better equipped to handle whatever comes your way. - Harlan Cohen SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 49 Who doesnt know what Im talking about Whos never left home whos never struck out To find a dream and a life of their own A place in the clouds a foundation of stone She needs wide open spaces Room to make her big mistakes She needs new faces She knows the high stakes The lyrics from this Dixie Chicks song have al- ways given me chills and brought a little tear to my eye. I imagine the day when my first child leaves home for college its not a pretty vision I am quite sure that I will be a mess and Im also sure thats probably not the best way to usher my child into his new life. For many first year college students this will be the most dramatic transition of their lives and we as parents should make sure the experience is all about them instead of about our insecurities at letting our baby go. Millions of children go off to college every year and millions of children survive some even thrive With a little patience self-con- trol and possibly a little vodka you too can survive your child leaving home. Harlan Cohen is the bestselling author of The Naked Roommate And 107 Other Issue You Might Run Into in College. Buy it for your soon-to-be coed He has also written The Naked Roommate For Parents Only A Parents Guide to the New College Experience. Cohen says we are the new college parents and that technology and so- cial media have changed the way parents experience our childs time at college. Par- ents are more connected have access to more informa- tion and are more likely to contemporaneously share our college students highs and lows. For example a parent doesnt just get to hear about the messy roommate a parent can see a live video feed of the room- mates dirty underwear on your childs bed Cohen says in the history of time students and parents have never had such immediate unlimited and inexpensive access to one an- other. This is certainly good news however parents and children will have to negotiate this new territory and see what amount of contact is comfortable and appropriate for them. Its best to do this up front before anyones feelings get hurt. Cohen says you may be calling too much if... -You are calling every morning and providing a wake-up call. -You are calling an instructor to share that your child is sick and will be absent. Chances are pretty good your child knows how to send an email from a cell phone -You call every night to make sure your child is do- ing homework and not staying up too late. -You call the moment you need technical support directions or help finding something thats lost at home. And you may be visiting too much if... -You earn a nickname from your childs friends. -You have a usual at a campus bar. -You know the soup-of-the-day schedule at the col- lege cafeteria by heart. Cohens book is great for gaining a little per- spective about this transitional time. He address- es many other issues such as packing roommates finances social media safety homesickness drugs and alcohol health sex body image including the myth of the Freshman Fifteen and the home- town boyfriend or girlfriend away at another col- lege. While youre at it pick up a copy of Cohens The Naked Roommates First Year Survival Workbook for your child. Its filled with exercises that help students overcome obstacles before they become a problem. Set aside a couple of evenings this sum- mer to go dinner with your child and discuss these issues to get the first year of college of to a great start There isnt a child who hasnt gone out into the brave new world who eventually doesnt return to the old homestead carrying a bundle of dirty clothes. -Art Buchwald Economists report that a college education adds many thousands of dollars to a mans lifetime income which he then spends sending his son to college. -Bill Vaughn 50 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 Where Theres Smoke Theres Byres SMOKE PLANO - THE PERFECT COMMUNITY GATHERING PLACE Honest. Genuine. Real. Its clearly how Chef Tim Byres rollsboth in and out of the kitchen. Its also what led him to open Oak Cliff-based Smoke in 2009 to rave reviews. While the restaurant is centered on smoked ingredients its definitely not a barbecue joint. Nor is it what Byres might call your fathers steakhouse. Instead its the perfect com- bination of traditional barbecue and farm-to-table cuisine rustic meets refined. Were talking all natural pulled whole hog on the very same menu with foie gras and chicken liver pate with smoked red onion marmalade. So how did Byres know that Smoke would be such a hit Dallas has its own food personality different from Austin or Houston Byres says. I felt that we were ready for a fresh dining concept less formal and more focused on seasonal ingredients but still uniquely Texan. And with the opening of Smoke Plano earlier this year suburbia is finally getting a taste of Byres notable talents. Byres a 2014 winner of the prestigious James Beard cook- book award for Smoke New Firewood Cooking says that when considering a second location he was specifically in- terested in Plano. Aside from the fact that he lives in the area Theres so much opportunity here. We have a lot of restau- rants but most of them are chains. I think local residents are looking for more diversity more independent places he says. The newest location at Park and Preston with its large covered patios and nearby like-minded businesses such as Trader Joes and REI give it a real neighborhood vibe. I wanted Smoke Plano to be the kind of place where you could bring the kids on a Saturday morning for a big pancake brunch hang out with friends for wine and cheese on a Tues- day then come back the following weekend for date night Byres says. While it shares a name and several menu items with the Dallas location Smoke Plano is its own place sort of a warm cozy extension of your grandmothers living roomif she happened to be a hip artist from Marfa. And lived in a quirky loft. The patios in particular have already become a local favorite for the happy hour crowd and the large dining room is perfect for family or corporate gather- ings. Without a doubt the restaurants crown jewel is its ten- foot charcoal hearth grill. This is where Byres and fellow chefs work their culinary magic on everything from meats and fish to vegetables such as local beets be sure to try their roasted potatoes with tomatillo butter. Other favorites in- clude house made biscuits pimento cheese croquettes and the EBD Loaded Up Truckin Burger. If you really want to splurge the cheese grits and hominy casserole is to die for. Thanks to Byres influence the whole place is underscored with the type of big southern hospitality for which Dallas is particularly famous. He calls it Come on in and let me show you around. Whether youre looking for place that offers a light healthy bite a craft cocktail or some good old-fashioned comfort food Smoke Planos got you covered. What Makes SMOKE Plano so HOT Smoke Plano can accommodate small intimate gatherings or large events seating up to 289 people. Both patios one large one smaller can be rented out and both have bars. Tons of carnival lighting provides a fun and festive atmosphere. The big private party room with access to the patio is just right for all of your upcoming celebrations. Think homecoming milestone birthdays holiday dinners corporate events etc. Its not just meat although the meat is fantastic Gluten-free Dairy-free Vegan Pescatarian No problem Like its sister location in Dallas SMOKE Plano offers full catering. SMOKE PLANO 2408 Preston Rd. Plano TX 75093 972 599-2222 SMOKE DALLAS 901 Fort Worth Ave. Dallas TX 75208 214 393-4141 by Kristin Cicciarelli Contributor SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 51 I wanted SMOKE Plano to be the kind of place where you could bring the kids on a Saturday morning for a big pancake brunch hang out with friends for wine and cheese on aTuesday then come back the following weekend for date night. - Award-winning chef Tim Byres pictured here at SMOKE Photo by James Bland Dallas Photo Studio Planos hungry hordes can cheer the arrival of Smoke No. 2 Dallas Morning News AWARD-WINNING FIREWOOD COOKING PLANOS BEST WEEKEND BRUNCH9AM-3PMSATSUN HAPPY HOUR 3-7PMMON-FRI 2 4 0 8 P R E S T O N R O A D P L A N O I I 9 7 2 . 5 2 9 . 2 2 2 2 I I S M O K E R E S T A U R A N T . C O M Now Open in Plano The Dish on Dining Hungry for variety Were serving up a menu of eating establishments to satisfy every- ones appetite. Sample fresh family fun or relish a juicy burger with fries. Adults can dance to live music at a divine date-night locale and high schoolers can rock the teen scene at venues that cater specifically to them. PicturedThe beef burger topped with a crispy fried egg alongside a straw- berry shake at Spork. 54 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 goodEATS FAMILY DINING WITH TEENS AND TWEENS Finding a family-friendly restaurant thats affordable accessible and delicious can be challenging but we know where to look The next time your kiddos ask Whats for dinner you know in that voice pay a visit to one of these tried-and-true eateries SPORK DALLAS This retrofuturistic diner at Preston and Frankford is the perfect spot for both foodie and family. Classic cheeseburger Check. Bulgogi kimchi fries Check. Boozy shakes Check. Craft beers and classy cocktails Checkcheck. Pickled shiitake mush- rooms on a buffalo burger with glu- ten-free bun Triple check. And if the words fried egg Caesar and cinna- monrollwafflesdontlureyouinwedontknowwhatwill.Openforlunchdinner and late night snacks. 6110 Frankford Rd. DallasTX 75252 972 930-0668 SPEZZO PLANO A chic Italian joint to grab a quick bite or lingeryour call. Pizzas are freshandfastandheartytraditional sandwiches like Chicken Parm orThe Gina Parm with assorted Italian cold cuts and fresh mozzarella are served on yummy semolina rolls from Empire Bakery. Spezzos choice of two appetizersfried calamari with marinara and spicy garlic aioli or white bean soupare solid. Wine beer cocktails espresso and gelato also available. 4901W. Park Blvd. Ste 521 PlanoTX 75093 972 596-8942 SISSYS SOUTHER KITCHEN BAR DALLAS Really everything weve tried at Sis- sys is good. Really really good. And the owner Lisa Garza Selcer couldnt be more hospitable. But for family dining the way to go at Sissys is with a bucket of her famous fried chicken. Youllgettenpiecesforjust25ifyou prefer all white meat its 32 and it comes with your choice of coleslaw or whippedpotatoesandgravy.Throwin some of her delicious sides like collard greens 9 Sissys mac cheese 12 or her famous squash puppies with Texas honey butter and jalapeo jelly and voil Dinner is served. 2929 N Henderson Ave. DallasTX 75206 214 827-9900 CHICKEN SCRATCH DALLAS If youre looking for slow fast food and a cool Austin vibe Chicken Scratch CS is the place to be. The ForkandKnifeChickenFingerBiscuit Sandwich is like Chick-fil-A on ste- roids only in this version the chick- en is hormone-free never frozen and local and the biscuit is made from scratch. Not feelingfried No problem. CS offers big salad bowls and pecan wood rotisserie plates too. Grab an adult beverage next door atThe Foundry and hang out at the outdoor picnic tables. When youve had your fill enjoy an all-natural fresh fruit popsicle. 2303 Pittman St. DallasTX 75208 214 749-1112 GRIMALDIS ALLEN There was a time when you could only get Grimaldis famous coal-fired brick oven pizza in NewYork. But that was then. Today there are Grimaldis almost everywhere it seems. While the menu is somewhat basic pizzas calzones salads its also consistent. ButwhatwelikeabouttheAllenloca- tion is that it overlooks the little park at Watters Creek where live music is often played during warmer months. 836 Market St. AllenTX 75013 214 383-9703 DELI NEWS DALLAS Sometimes youve just gotta have a sandwich a really big juicy one on pillowy bread piled high with deli meats cheese and condiments. And Deli News a true New York- style deli restaurant and bakery has served the best for the past twen- ty-twoyears.Theyvegoteverything the ex-New Yorker is looking for whitefish chopped liver pastrami andmore.Buttheydodinnertoo.Dineinortakeouttheyalsocaterfromtheir hot food menu including beef stroganoff boiled chicken in the pot with matzo ball stuffed cabbage rolls and braised short ribs.What are you waiting for 17062 Preston Rd. at Campbell Rd. DallasTX 75248 972 733-3354 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 55 goodEATS PRIME PATIOS Though we thought it would never get here fall is actually just around the corner. Why not take advantage of our beautiful autumnal climate by dining al fresco any chance you get Now this is why we live in Texas CR FOOD AND WINE BAR PLANO ALLEN DALLAS All three of the Cru locations offer tasty little bites to share tapas style stone firedpizzabigplatessteakschickenandfishandaveryniceselectionofcheese. Bartenders are knowledge- able about the extensive wine selection. We enjoy ordering a flight of three two-ounce wines related by grape va- rietal geographic region or style. Flights are a nice way to try something new without breaking the date night bank. Plustheyencouragelingering. WATTERS CREEK picturedabove 842 Market St. AllenTX 75013 972 908-2532 DALLAS 3699 McKinney Ave. Ste 107 DallasTX 75204 214 526-9463 SHOPS AT LEGACY 7201 Bishop Rd. Ste E2 PlanoTX 75024 972 312-9463 SMOKE PLANO See a full description of Smoke Plano in the date night section. Youll love their patio too. 2408 Preston Rd. PlanoTX 75093 972 599-2222 SAINT ANN RESTAURANT AND BAR DALLAS AlthoughtheinsidespaceisgorgeousitsthepatiooverlookingtheArtsDistrict thats the real draw at Saint Annthe perfect spot for a cocktail or weekend brunch. The food is fairly straightforward salads sandwiches steaks and fish. We like ordering a few appetizers the bacon wrapped Medjool dates and spin- ach artichoke dip are nice and kicking back while taking in the hipster crowd. 2501 N. Harwood St. DallasTX 75201 214 782-9807 CAF MALAGA MCKINNEY Anothergreatpickfortapasandmaybealovelyglassofros.Justoffthebeautiful downtown historic square Caf Malagas secluded back patio is a bit of a hidden gem but well worth a visit.Tapas standouts include the Lamb Lollipop Chops and gooey Fondue with five different types of cheese. 107 S Church St. McKinneyTX 75069 972 542-9996 TERILLIS EAST DALLAS The food at Terillis is standard Italian fare but pretty solid. Theyre famous for two things Italchos an Italian nacho topped with marinara cheese and an as- sortmentofothertoppingsofyourchoicekillerandarooftoppatiowithone of the prettiest views of Dallas you can imagine. Plus most nights they play live music. 2815 Greenville Ave. DallasTX 75206 214 827-3993 The Caf Our European-style home away from home cafe is the perfect gathering spot for friends and family. The Coffee 100 Certified Organic Fair Trade and Shade Grown coffee beans from all three coffee growing continents. The Food Enjoy farm-fresh meals prepared by talented hands and served proudly by friendly wait staff. Your local community coffeehouse serving breakfast lunch dinner Drive-Through Service Begins at 6 AM Daily. HOURS OF OPERATION Mon Tues Wed 7AM - 9PM Thurs Fri 7am - 10PM Saturday 8AM - 10PM Sunday 8AM - 3PM 6150 Frankford Rd Dallas TX 75252 972 232-233 ax t 17062 Preston Road Suite 100 Dallas Texas 75248 972-733-3354 972-733-3355-fax New York Style Restaurant Zoric BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER CUSTOM CATERING VOTED THE BEST DELI IN DALLAS DINE IN OR CALL AHEAD FOR A PICK UP ORDER... AND WE ALSO WILL DELIVER YOUR NEXT CATERING ORDER. 17062 PRESTON ROAD AT CAMPBELL ROAD 972.733.3354 DELINEWSDALLAS.COM THE RUSTIC UPTOWN The gigantic patio is always packed Enjoy down-home food made from scratch daily. The menu features seafood from the Gulf steak sourced from local ranch- ers and dairy and produce grown by local farmers. The bartenders stay busy pouring the most prolific collection of local beverages in town including 40 beers on tap. 3656 Howell St. DallasTX 75204 214730-0596 FIFTH STREET PATIO CAF FRISCO This is a terrific place for patio diningand theyre open for breakfast lunch and dinner.WeadoretheBananasFosterFrenchToasttheKentuckyHotBrownandthe FriscoCheesesteaknoticewelikedecadentfood.Waitscanbelongespecially on weekends but the food and the vibrant scene are definitely worth it. 8621 5th St. FriscoTX 75034 972 377-3483 goodEATS DATE NIGHT When its time to make a break for it although we love our kids youll want to find a place thats both grown-up and sophisticated. These places are all that but we also appreciate their great service and ambience. Its nice being pampered once in a while SMOKE PLANO DALLAS WhatsnottoloveaboutSmokeAtthePlanolocalethefoodisdelicioustheserviceisspot-onthedcoriswarmandcozy and the beautiful covered patios are romantic and also a great place for people watching. And since its date night after alldontmissthefireroastedoysterswithscampibutterchorizoandashsalsa.TheDallaslocationissmallerandcharming witharetrofeelitsadjacenttotheBelmontHotelofferingmanyofthesamemenuitemsasthePlanooutpostandallof the same excellentTexas-sized hospitality. PLANO 2408 Preston Rd. PlanoTX 75093 972 599-2222 DALLAS 901 FortWorth Ave. DallasTexas 75208 214 393-4141 Have the time of your life as you learn to cook with your friends at your very own cooking party. Capers brings the food the drinks the party atmosphere and the culinary expertise to the table - you bring your friends. Looking for a fun-filled gourmet adventure Schedule your customizable Caper right away at or by calling 214.912.0475. KENNYS WOOD FIRED GRILL ADDISON Everyone loves Kennys restaurants including the Burger Joint Italian Kitchen and Smoke House. What makes the Wood Fired Grill location perfect for date night though is its classy supper club dcor and simply put the food. Steaks chops burgers and fish are all perfectly prepared and delicious. Every meal starts with Kennys famous popovers and in our humble opinion should include their half-pound jumbo lump crab cake. Its too delicious not to order Try a Grey Goose martini their vodka is kept on tap at 28 degrees. Smooooth. 5000 Belt Line Rd. Ste 775 DallasTX 75254 972 392-9663 COFFEE HOUSE CAF DALLAS This little jewel box offers delicious breakfast lunch and dinner at rea- sonable prices in a delightful setting. Itstheperfectplacefordatenightor just about anything else.Their coffee isEuropeanstylehandcraftedmost- ly organic and all that. If you feel like adatenightathometheyevenoffer a drive-through. Its all good. But re- allyyouhadusatdrive-through. 6150 Frankford Rd. DallasTX 75252 469 248-0554 AMBERJAX DALLASTRINITY GROVE This light and spacious Louisiana-style eatery has plenty to offer. Not only is it smack-dab in the middle of one of Dallashottest dining destinations for date night and more the freshly prepared seafood is tough to beat. Whether youve gotahankeringforDownHomeShrimpandGritsLobsterMacCheeseormay- be something lighter like SearedYellowfinTuna withWasabi Ponzu and Ginger Amberjax will not disappoint. Dont like fishy things No worries.They also offer delicious chicken and beef. 3011 Gulden Ln. Ste 107 DallasTX 75212 469 513-9088 JAVIERS DALLAS A Knox-Henderson institution Javiers is still the go-to place for a guaranteed good time with its bustling crowd of beautiful people and a swanky just ignore thesmokecigarbar. NoTex-Mexhere. ThisisauthenticMexicoCitydining. Dont miss the Filete Cantinflas tenderloin beef filet stuffed with Chihuahua cheese and topped with mild chile mulatto sauce or the Barra de Navidad giant shrimp in a delightful diablo sauce. Ol 4912 Cole Ave. DallasTX 75205 214 521-4211 5000 Beltline Rd. 775 DallasTX 75254 972 392-9663 W O O 137 Fris 21 580 Pla 97 ww EVE AND E Do you remember a time when there were restaurants without BS split charges 18 gratuity added or ridiculous statements like Im sorry thats our policy Welcome to Kennys Wood Fired Grill. A restaurant reminiscent of the way things used to be. A place where we make it our policy to have no policy Thank you very much for coming we really appreciate it If there is absolutely anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable please let us know. Jeff Pierce is our Managing Partner and is here most of the time. Bob is usually at the office because Bobs the smart one Mike is in one of our dining rooms and Im in one of our kitchens. We would all love to meet you when we are here Have a wonderful time and remember at Kennys Restaurants . . . EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY AND EVERY MEAL A FEAST Kenny Bowers Bob Stegall Mike Hutchinson Jeff Pierce The lawyers made us do it Consuming raw or undercooked meats poultry seafood shellfish or eggs may be dangerous to your health especially if you have certain medical conditions duh. But so can driving on 635 at rush hour going for a walk playing golf and so on. Oh by the way well cook the food to your specs. Also please excuse any spelling punctuation or grammatical errors. W O O D G R I L L E D B U R G E R S K E N N Y S SMOKE HOUSE KENNYS 5000 Beltline Rd. 775 DallasTX 75254 972 392-9663 W O O D G R I L L E D B U R G E R S K E N N Y S 51 Da 9 w 1377 Legacy Drive Suite 120 FriscoTexas 75034 214 618-8001 5809 Preston Rd Suite 588 PlanoTexas 75093 972 378-0999 EVERY DAY IS AND EVERY ME Do you remember a time when there were restaurants without BS split charges 18 gratuity added or ridiculous statements like Im sorry thats our policy Welcome to Kennys Wood Fired Grill. A restaurant reminiscent of the way things used to be. A place where we make it our policy to have no policy Thank you very much for coming we really appreciate it If there is absolutely anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable please let us know. Jeff Pierce is our Managing Partner and is here most of the time. Bob is usually at the office because Bobs the smart one Mike is in one of our dining rooms and Im in one of our kitchens. We would all love to meet you when we are here Have a wonderful time and remember at Kennys Restaurants . . . EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY AND EVERY MEAL A FEAST Kenny Bowers Bob Stegall Mike Hutchinson Jeff Pierce The lawyers made us do it Consuming raw or undercooked meats poultry seafood shellfish or eggs may be dangerous to your health especially if you have certain medical conditions duh. But so can driving on 635 at rush hour going for a walk playing golf and so on. Oh by the way well cook the food to your specs. Also please excuse any spelling punctuation or grammatical errors. W O O D G R I L L E D B U R G E R S K E N N Y S SMOKE HOUSE KENNYS 5000 Beltline Rd. 775 DallasTX 75254 972 392-9663 W O O D G R I L L E D B U R G E R S K E N N Y S Located inThe Shops of Legacy 5760 Legacy Drive 4 PlanoTX 75024 972 473-7478 5100 Beltline Road Suite 764 DallasTexas 75254 972 661-9380 1377 Legacy Drive Suite 120 FriscoTexas 75034 214 618-8001 5809 Preston Rd Suite 588 PlanoTexas 75093 972 378-0999 EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY AND EVERY MEAL A FEAST Do you remember a time when there were restaurants without BS split charges 18 gratuity added or ridiculous statements like Im sorry thats our policy Welcome to Kennys Wood Fired Grill. A restaurant reminiscent of the way things used to be. A place where we make it our policy to have no policy Thank you very much for coming we really appreciate it If there is absolutely anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable please let us know. Jeff Pierce is our Managing Partner and is here most of the time. Bob is usually at the office because Bobs the smart one Mike is in one of our dining rooms and Im in one of our kitchens. We would all love to meet you when we are here Have a wonderful time and remember at Kennys Restaurants . . . EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY AND EVERY MEAL A FEAST Kenny Bowers Bob Stegall Mike Hutchinson Jeff Pierce K E N N Y S SMOKE NNYS 5000 Beltline Rd. 775 DallasTX 75254 972 392-9663 W O O D G R I L L E D B U R G E R S K E N N Y S Located inThe Shops of Legacy 5760 Legacy Drive 4 PlanoTX 75024 972 473-7478 5100 Beltline Road Suite 764 DallasTexas 75254 972 661-9380 1377 Legacy Drive Suite 120 FriscoTexas 75034 214 618-8001 5809 Preston Rd Suite 588 PlanoTexas 75093 972 378-0999 EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY AND EVERY MEAL A FEAST Do you remember a time when there were restaurants without BS split charges 18 gratuity added or ridiculous statements like Im sorry thats our policy Welcome to Kennys Wood Fired Grill. A restaurant reminiscent of the way things used to be. A place where we make it our policy to have no policy Thank you very much for coming we really appreciate it If there is absolutely anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable please let us know. Jeff Pierce is our Managing Partner and is here most of the time. Bob is usually at the office because Bobs the smart one Mike is in one of our dining rooms and Im in one of our kitchens. We would all love to meet you when we are here Have a wonderful time and remember at Kennys Restaurants . . . EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY AND EVERY MEAL A FEAST Kenny Bowers Bob Stegall Mike Hutchinson Jeff Pierce W O O D G R I L L E D B U R G E R S K E N N Y S SMOKE HOUSE KENNYS Everydayisaholidayandeverymealisafeast goodTIMES We Love going to the Gexa for good music We start out at Amber- jax in Trinity Groves for some yummy seafood then Blake Shelton Perfect Night Or we love going to Ninfas in Waco before a Baylor Football game - Elle Michael Parks MADE-FROM-SCRATCH-ITALIAN WITH A LOCAL ACCENT Spezzo iz DAILY 11AM-10PM HAPPY HOUR 3PM-6PM 972-596-8942 SPEZZOITALIAN.COM 4901 W PARK BLVD STE 521PLANO TX 75093 WHAT DO YOU DO FOR DATE NIGHT TonyandIloveconcertsmoviesandthetheatre.Anytime a good show comes to town we are there The last show we went to was one of those greatgoing down mem- ory lane shows for two bandsthatIusedtolisten to in my early 20s- Train and The Fray. We love college football too. I am a Michigan fan and Tony is an Ohio State alum so that makes for some interesting conversations. We recently attended the Ohio State National Championship game at the Cowboys Stadium what a night - Kymberley Tony Scalia Norm and I like to have our special date night by trying a new place for dinner and enjoying a glass of wine or two We celebrate our time with wonderful food and conversation - Mary Danz Norm Hitzges If you are looking for a casual date night and Mexican cuisine is what youre cravingFrankiesinRichardsonhasjustthat.Greatfoodandphenomenalservice. WeenjoythepatiodiningandthefactthatitstuckedawayinthequaintIICreeks Plaza of Canyon Creek. Makes us feel like were miles away. After dinner we take a couple of steps next door to get the best ice cream ever from Sweet Firefly and thenafewmorestepstothesmalladorableromanticlitparkinthemiddleofthe plaza to enjoy the evening stars and after dinner conversation. Oh and on Friday and Saturday night you may hear great tunes from the live bands playing at Marcus Caf - Michelle MichaelWilliams Those impromptu nights when we open a favorite bottle of wine fire up the grill and relax by the outdoor fireplace.... Heaven - Lisa Mark Raskin WeheadtoTacoDiner.TheMamboTaxisare amazing and then we head over to the Mag- nolia Theater. We also like Blue Fish for sushi and the happy hour menu is great. We also like Studio Movie Grill. Editors Note SMG just opened its newest location in The Colony and it is spectacular. We cantwaitforthePlanolocationtore-openinOctoberwithanall-newlook. - Sonia MichaelTinglin The Foundry and Chicken Scratch is the place to be. Its a great fun night - Stacy and Bobby Horowitz OneofourfavoritedatenightspotsisDeeLin- colnsinPlano.Thefoodisexceptionaltheservice is great and we love supporting a local business and a local family. - Dawn and Jon Mellon In 2002 the red hand- kerchief was taken to Holocaust Museum Houston where it was recorded as the only Nazi prison handker- chief to survive the Holocaust. In 1944 Rie was given the red handkerchief at Vught Concentra- tion Camp as part of her prison uniform. Before being transported to Utrecht prison to stand trial for sabotage she asked her friends in the camp to sign their names in pencil on the handkerchief. Later she embroidered their names and messages with white cotton thread. Rie had been silent about the Holocaust for 57 years. In her interview for Eyewitness to History on the Holo- caust we learn her story... BOOK ORDERS at Ninety-two year old Holocaust survivor Marie Rie Spronk- Hughes may take a few extra minutes to get to the podium and you may have to lean in to hear her quiet voice which matches her elegant demeanor but mention bullying of any kind and this lamb quickly becomes a lion. Rie and her sister Katy are the heroines in The Red Handkerchief A Holocaust Memoir by Y.M. Yvonne Ward-Hughes who also hap- pens to be Ries daughter. Ward-Hughes wrote the courageous true story of her mother and aunt and their capture and imprisonment by the Nazis. In 1941 the two Roman-Catholic sisters were employed by a raincoat factory in Amsterdam that was taken over by the Nazis and the employees were forced to make Nazi uniforms. The girls aged 19 and 20 protested in a nationwide strike and ultimately be- gan to sabotage the uniforms. In 1944 they were arrested and sent to Vught Concentration Camp for their crime of standing up against the injustice they witnessed daily at the factory including the depor- tation of every Jewish employee. Part of the uniform the sisters were made to wear at the camp was a red handkerchief. Rie hoping to remember the brave women in her barracks asked each of them to sign their names and messages on it. Unwilling to speak of her harrowing experi- ence for 57 years Rie was finally persuaded by her daughter to meet with Dr. Ariel Levy the histo- rian at the Houston Ho- locaust Museum. Today the red handkerchief is part of a permanent ex- hibit at the museum. Holocaust Hero Advocates for Justice byTriciaWhite Managing Editor goodDEEDS SPECIAL PRESENTATION The Red Handkerchief A Holocaust Memoir Yvonne Ward- Hughes Thursday September 10 2015 from 630 PM - 830 PM Holocaust Museum Houston 5401 Caroline St.m Houston TX 77004 713-942-8000 YVONNE AND RIE SPEAK AT SCHOOLS TO SHARE THEIR ANTI-BULLYING MESSAGE. HERE ARE EXCERPTS FROM A RECENT 8TH GRADE PRESENTATION IN PLANO Thank you for telling your story. I cant imagine what it was like to be taken from your home. You stood up for what you be- lievedyou are a really strong woman for never giving up never regretting anything and most important of all for never losing hope. - Itzel R. Hearing you speak taught me to stand up for what I believe in even if it could be dangerous. Even the smallest action could make a great impact in the world. - Iris L. Now after hearing your stories I can stand up to injustice. I want to help you put an end to it. - Avery K. Speaking recently at Renner Middle School in Plano L to RYvonne and Rie with English teacher Corie Rubenstein who coordinated the special appearance. They always want to hug hersaysYvonneWard- Hughes of students after they hear her 92-year-old mother speak out against injustice and bullying. 60 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 SEPTEMBER MAD HATTERTEA PARTY WHEN Saturday September 12 from 1030am to 130pm WHERE Methodist Richard- son Medical Center 2831 E. President George Bush Highway WHAT Methodist Richard- son is hosting a Mad Hatter Tea Party to celebrate its new 3D Mammogram technology. Breast cancer survivors and patients will be honored as they strut their stuff walking downthepinkcarpet. Therewillbeotheractivitiessuchashatandgobletdecoratingre- laxingmassagesandmakeovers. Womenareencouragedtoweartheirmostcreativeand eleganthattherewillbeaprizeforthebestone Dr.JenevieveH.Hughesarenowned breast cancer surgeon will be the special guest speaker. COST The event is free but online pre-registration is required. Survivors are invited to attend as guests of honor and may bring up to three guests. CONTACT To register visit info.methodisthealthsystem.orgtea-party-registration. NORTHTEXAS GIVING DAY WHEN Thursday September 17 from 600am to midnight WHERE NorthTexasGivingDayisanonlineeventtakingplaceviatheNorthTexasGiving- website. WHAT North Texas Giving Day is an online giving event that providesnonprofits the opportunity to gain exposure to - and start relationships with - new donors and for people in North Texas to come together and raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits. In just six years North Texas Giving Day has pumped more than 86 million into the NorthTexas Community. In 2014 more than 98000 gifts totaling 26.3 million benefited 1580 nonprofits. COST Your donation to the charity or charities of your choice. CONTACT 214.346.5500 or PLANO BALLOON FESTIVAL WHEN Friday September 18 from 400pm to 1000pm Saturday Sep- tember 19 from 600am to 1000pm Sunday September 20 from 600am to 700pm WHERE Oak Point Park 2801 E. Spring Creek Pkwy Plano WHAT The annual Plano Balloon Festival is sponsored by In Touch Credit Union. The major draw for this years Balloon Festival will be the 45 magnificent colorful hot air balloons. Other features will be the Remax Sky Divers KLUV Main Stage FireworksCentralMarketKidsFunZoneKDFWFox4CommunityStageandDirectEnergy Balloon Glow. COST 5 one time entry fee 1 off for seniors 65 and older free for kids 36and under CONTACT Jessica Jackson Event Director at CITY HOUSE BLUE MOON GALA WHEN Saturday September 19 from 530pm to 1100pm WHERE EmbassySuitesHotelConventionCenter7600JohnQ.HammonsDriveFrisco WHAT TheBlueMoonGalabenefitingCityHouseofCollinCountywillbea1950s-themed shindig. There will be vintage sports and luxury cars on display Blue Moon martinis a three-coursedinnersilentandliveauctionsandentertainmentprovidedbythecrowned princesofdoo-wopandrockrollShaNaNaTheeventisformalattireblacktieoption- albutguestsareencouragedtodressintheirbest1950sattiretojitterbugandtwistthe night away COST Individual tickets are 150 sponsorships available starting at 1500 CONTACT Chey Reynolds or 972.424.4626 THE GREATTEXAS FOODTRUCK RALLY WHEN Saturday September 19 from 500pm to 1000pm WHAT ThesecondannualGreatTexasFoodTruckRallyisaatanewandlargervenuethis yearwithmanymorefoodtruckslivemusicandabeergardensponsoredbyTheNodding Donkey Enjoy views of downtown Dallas with live music and many different types of cuisine. The rally will benefit Executives in Action an organization that connects senior executives with nonprofits to effectively achieve their mission. WHERE The lawn of ReunionTower in downtown Dallas COST 10 General Admission CONTACT KimberlyWestphall 972.931.5598 THE GREEK FOOD FESTIVAL OF DALLAS WHEN Thursday September 24 through Sunday September 27 WHERE HolyTrinity Greek Orthodox Church 13555 Hillcrest Road Dallas WHAT Marking 100 years of faith service and culture the 2015 Greek Food Festival of Dallas will offer delicious food lively entertainment marketplace and much more The weekend festival will kick off with the 100th Anniversary Preview Night onThursday. COST 8 General Admission CONTACT 972.991.1166 STATE FAIR OFTEXAS WHEN September 25 through October 18 WHAT The annual state fair of Texas returns to Dallas with rides fair food livestock exhibi- tion auto show creative arts competition Chevy Main Stage featuring 85 concerts in 24 days and much more WHERE Fair Park Dallas COST GeneralAdmission 18 Season Pass 39.99 CONTACT 214.565.9931 or WALKTO END ALZHEIMERSGREATER DALLAS WHEN Saturday September 26 registration opens at 700am WHAT The Walk to End Alzheimers is the worlds largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimers care support and research. Held annually in more than 600 com- munities this inspiring event calls on participants of all ages and abilities to reclaim the future for millions. The Greater Dallas event is a 3-mile walk. WHERE ATT Plaza at American Airlines Center 2500Victory Avenue Dallas COST No registration donations encouraged CONTACT Erica Goldberg at 214.540.2412 or community calendar goodTIMES SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 61 OCTOBER TEXASTRAILBLAZER AWARDS WHEN Thursday October 1 at 1130am WHERE Hilton Anatole 2201 N. Stem- mons Freeway Dallas WHAT The Family Place will host its 20th Anniversary Texas Trailblazer Awards Lun- cheon with Marisa Tomei as the featured speaker. The accomplished actress directed ashortfilmbasedonHalftheSkywrittenby Nicholas Kristof and SherylWuDunn. The book and film focus on a thirteen year old girls struggle with the institutionalized oppression of women in Ethiopia.. The Family Places mission is to eliminate family violence through intervention and proactive prevention extensive community education advocacy and assistance for victims and their families. COST Single tickets start at 175. Sponsorships are available. CONTACT Shivangi Pokharel Assistant Director of Development at 214.443.7708 or CARE BREAKFAST WHEN Monday October 5 at 800am WHERE Frontiers of Flight Museum 6911 Lemmon Avenue Dallas WHAT The 31st annual CARE Breakfast will feature former Dallas Cowboy and 2015 NFL Hall of Fame inductee Charles Haley as the events guest speaker. WFAA Channel 8s Scott Murray will interview Haley and discuss his journey of drug abuse and its de- structive effects on his life before he got help. Haley is now in recovery and works with TackleTomorrowthefundhecreatedtohelpeducatechildrenduringnon-schoolhours. CARE Chemical Awareness Resources Education serves over 10000 families each year through its programs which help families struggling with substance abuse. COST Single tickets 150. Sponsorships available. CONTACT THE ROARINGTWENTIESZOOTO DO 2015 WHEN Saturday October 17 from 530pm to 1100pm WHERE Dallas Zoo 650 S. R.L.Thornton Freeway Dallas WHAT ZooToDoisamajorsourceoffundingfortheDallasZoo. Withtheproceedsfrom the event the zoo is able to continue providing outstanding education entertainment and wildlife conservation. This years theme is the roaring 20s calling all flappers to practice up on your Charleston Guests will stroll through the Giants of the Savanna ex- hibit sample exquisite dishes from over twenty five of Dallaspremier chefs and restau- rants and enjoy interactive animal demonstrations and musical entertainment COST Individual tickets 500. Sponsorship and Underwriting opportunities available. CONTACT RebeccaA.RhuleCFREDirectorofDevelopmentat469.554.7440orRebecca. SUSAN G. KOMEN RACE FORTHE CUREDALLAS COUNTY WHEN Saturday October 17 at 800am WHERE NorthParkCenter8687N.CentralExpresswayDallas WHAT Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure series is the worlds largestandmostsuccessfuleducationalandfundraisingevent for breast cancer ever created. The event raised significant funds and awareness for the breast cancer movement cele- brates breast cancer survivorship and honors those who have lost their battle with the disease. COST 39 registration fee CONTACT 214.750.7223 or STAND UP FOR HEROES WHEN Tuesday October 27 at 1130am WHERE Brook Hollow Golf Club 8301 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas WHAT The Army Scholarship Foundation will host a luncheon benefiting their founda- tion that was created to assist the needy sons and daughters of soldiers and US Army veteransinachievingtheirdreamsofhighereducation. JodyDeanhostofJodyDeanand the MorningTeam 98.7 FM KLUV CBS will serve as emcee. COST Individual tickets start at 150. Sponsorships available. CONTACT Rose Gault at 703.599.8029 or NOVEMBER GATEWAYTO OPPORTUNITY LUNCHEON WHEN Thursday November 5 at noon WHERE Hilton Anatole 2201 N. Stemmons Freeway Dallas WHAT Family Gateways Second Annual Gateway to Opportunity Luncheon will feature best-selling author Wes Moore and will raise awareness and critically needed funds to end child homelessness in our community. Mr. Moore will share a moving account of the importance of mentorship and support networks that kept him from falling into a life of crime and drugs. Family Gateway is leading the Dallas community to end child home- lessness by providing innovative and comprehensive housing and social and educational services to homeless children and their families. COST Individual tickets 175. Sponsorships available. CONTACT 214.823.4500 or DREAM BIG GALA WHEN Saturday November 7 at 700pm. WHERE Hilton Garden Inn 785 State Highway 121 Lewisville WHAT Journey to Dream will host their annual gala to raiser funds for the building of Kyles Place. Journey to Dream is an organization positively impacting over 85000 students since 2004 through school prevention assemblies student support groups and youth events. During the course of their work with young people Journey to Dream dis- coveredanalmostsilentepidemicofyouthhomelessnesssettinginmotiontheircurrent and most challenging endeavor Kyles Place.To learn more about Journey to Dream and Kyles Place see the Philanthropy feature in this issue of Good Life Family Magazine. COST Individual tickets 100. Sponsorships available 1000 for a table. CONTACT Jessica Peters at AN EVENING OF HOPE GALA A NIGHT IN MOROCCO WHEN Saturday November 7 at 630pm WHERE Hilton Granite Park 5805 Granite Pkwy Plano WHAT The2015Galamarks29yearsofHopesDoorsserviceinCollinCounty.HopesDoor isacomprehensivedomesticviolenceagencythatoffersinterventionandpreventionser- vices to individuals and families affected by domestic violence as well as educational programs that enhance the communitys awareness. COST Individual tickets start at 250. Sponsorships available. CONTACT Suzanne Bock Grishman at 972.422.2911 or SUBMIT YOUR UPCOMING EVENTS AT GOODLIFEFAMILYMAG.COM 62 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 goodTIMES DOG DAYS OF SUMMER PARADE Baylor Regional Medical Center at Planos July 21st event featured 21 therapy dogs dressed in their best summer attire to visit hospital patients during the approximately 45-minute parade. Baylor Plano located at4700 Alliance Blvd has had an animal assisted therapy pro- gram since October 2005. Overall Baylor Scott Whites animal assisted therapy program includes 88 volunteers and more than 100 dogs that visit patients at 23 NorthTexas facilities. Most De-LIGHT-Ful Dog - Ruby owner JanetWunder Douglas Haloftis host Alyce Heinrich president Les Femmes du Monde LES FEMMES DU MONDE SOUP AND SALAD Les Femmes du Monde is an organization ofWomen HelpingYouth in Health and Education whose mission is to provide funds for the support of the Child Life Program at Childrens HealthSM formerly Childrens Medical Center and the International Education Program of the World Affairs Council of Dallas Fort Worth. Hottest Dog - Pearl owner Catherine Goff JanWard president-elect 2016 Doug Box author CutterFrisco GrowingUpontheOriginal SouthforkRanch and featured speaker Regina Bruce Most Summer Spirited Dog -Wesley owner Joan Meacher CHAMPIONS FOR HOPE DINNER AND GOLF TOURNAMENT The Champions for Hope annual dinner benefiting Hopes Door was held in June at III Forks restaurant and included a silent auction including one-of-a-kind pack- ages such as an intimate evening with Janet andTony Dorsett at Savor restaurant for four. The golf tournament was held the next day at Las Colinas Country Club. Hopes Door is a shelter and counseling center in Collin County that offers com- prehensive programs and services de- signed to break the cycle of domestic violence to families in North Texas. Suzanne Grishman Chief Development Officer of Hopes Door Jim Malatich CEO of Hopes Door Janet andTony Dorsett Honorary Chairs James Petros Justin DeShong Ashley Smith and Cary Clayborn Chair RAINBOW DAYS POT OF GOLD LUNCHEON The18thAnnualRainbowDaysPotofGoldLuncheonraisedover 250000 in support of Rainbow Days programs and services. Guest speaker was Jeannette Walls best-selling author of The Glass Castle. Walls riveted the audience with the story of her nomadic childhood living out of the family car or in rundown houses with her siblings alcoholic father and mentally unstable mother. Cathey Brown Founder and CEO of Rainbow Days said Jeannettes childhood is similar to the situations of many of the children we serve. Brown spoke onstage with mother- daughter-duo Jennifer and Rachel Arthur who are participants in the Rainbow Days programs and currently living in one of Dallashomeless shelters. Rainbow Days is a Dallas-based nonprofit organization whose mission is helping children and youth in adversity build coping skills and resilience to create positive futures. The organization serves over 14000 children and youth each year. Cathey Brown Founder and CEO Bodie Deeken andWade Brown Brooke Andrews luncheon co-chair JeannetteWalls featured speaker and Karen Currie luncheon co-chair Katie Anand President of Rainbow Days Auxiliary and Drew Cullum SHOES FOR ORPHAN SOLES On July 8th members from the Frisco Chapter of National Charity League and members from the Silver Star Chapter of Young Mens Service League spent the afternoon banding sorting and boxing shoes for needy children. Shoes for Orphan Soles is a Buckner Ministry organization that provides shoes for orphans and vulnerable children in the United States and throughout the world. Back Row Monique Meneses Ellie Kennedy Jodi Snell Melissa Chaiken and Kerin Guidry Front Row Lily Meneses Maureen Kennedy Avery Snell Isabella Chaiken and Katelyn Guidry 64 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 goodTIMES JOURNEY TO DREAM TEE OFF FOR TEENS Journey to Dream held their 10th annual Tee Off for Teens Golf Tour- nament on June 2nd at Bridlewood Golf Course in Flower Mound. The event which was raised over 45000 had a record number of players. Kim Hinkle Executive Di- rector of Journey To Dream said We are truly grateful to the partic- ipants and sponsors who make it possible for us to help hurting and homeless teens. For more information on Journey to Dream see the philanthropy feature in this issue of Good Life Family. SEVEN LOAVES COMMUNITY SUMMER LUNCH PROGRAM This summer approximately 12000 nutritious lunches were provided on weekdays in North Dallas and Plano by the Summer Lunch Program orga- nized by Seven Loaves Community. Area volunteers distributed the lunches to anyone ages 1 18 who came to a feeding site. Reverend Jennifer Arnold executive director of Seven Loaves Community stated For many children the meals they get at school are the only meals they receive each day so we are thrilled we could continue bringing them lunch during the summer. This program makes a huge impact on the lives of hungry children during the summer Seven Loaves Community began the Summer Lunch Program in 2009 in partnership with the North Texas Food Bank. Additional collaborators have grown to include Plano ISD CitySquare Custer Road United Meth- odist Church Young Mens Service League and National Charity League. Eddie King CEO of King Metals Presenting Sponsor Kim Hinkle Executive Director of Jour- ney to Dream and Commissioner Andy Eads Gary Jackson and the Cornwell Jackson team long-term sponsors ofTee Off forTeens Seven Loaves volunteers hand out lunch items to local children. CHAMPIONS DAY This summerTheChampionsspecial needs children and adults were treated to a day at all seven Hawaiian Falls water parks. Clint Hill regional director of the five North Texas Parks said People with sensory issues can have a hard time processing all of the stimuli of a water- park on a normal day. So we turn our music way down during this special time and we ask our staff to be more patient and a lot more lenient with their whistles. Special needs families enjoy exclusive access to Hawaiian Falls waterpark inThe Colony. AWARE AFFAIR CELEBRATE THE MOMENTS Over 425 guests attended the AWARE Affair Celebrate the Moments at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. The event raised a stunning 500000 to support Alzheimers relat- ed programs and projects in the greater Dallas area. Ron Corning WFAA Daybreak newscaster served as em- cee. Stephanie Bray and Ev- elyn Ponder served as Gala Chairs. AWARE President Gail Plummer announced the six grant recipients from proceeds raised by AWARE - Baylor ATT Memory Center - Center for Brain Health - Center for Vital Longevity - Jewish Family Service - Juliette Fowler Communities - UT Southwestern Medical Center Gail Plummer President AWARE Evelyn Ponder and Stephanie Bray AWARE Affair chairs What would happen if your income was gone tomorrow Its not something that any of us want to think about but insurance is the best way to make sure your loved ones are taken care of after youre gone. Just like a medical check-up you need an insurance check-up to re-examine your policies and see if they are still the best fit for you. Call to Schedule Your Complimentary 360 Review and Life Insurance Check-Up Bobby Davidson 972.980.4884 D A V I D S O N INSURANCE S E R V I C E S Insuring Your Life. Ensuring Your Familys Future. Greg and Amy Osler special guest speaker FIRST COURSE DFW RESTAURANT WEEK KICK-OFF PARTY The 2nd Annual First Course DFW Restaurant Week Kick-Off Party presented by Dallas Convention Visitors Bureau was held on August 6 2015 at Sixty Five Hundred in Dallas to cel- ebrate the 18th year of DFW Restaurant Week. The Kick-Off Party featured some of Dallas-Fort Worths best restaurants and mixologists. A portion of the pro- ceeds benefitted North Texas Food Bank in Dallas and Lena Pope in Fort Worth. Televisions Top Chef Tre Wil- cox was a special guest. Participat- ing restaurants in- cluded Texas De Bra- zil Sambuca Yo Ranch Steakhouse Meso Maya The Melting Pot-Addison Eddie Vs Maxs Wine Dive Seasons 52 Dallas Chop House Dallas Fish Market and more. Participating spir- its included Whistlepig Rye Whiskey Brugal Rum El Mayor Te- quila and Bonn Oir Irish Vodka. TelevisionsTop ChefTreWilcox with KRLD host Alice Rios goodTIMES We want to hear from you If you have event photos to share email Ann OBlenes 972.898.6600 ReMax dallas suburbs facebook.comRealtyPerformancePartners A Commitment to Exemplary Service Performance Partners From starter home to empty nest and everything in between you can count on the Performance PartnersAnn OBlenes and Elizabeth Ritch to unlock your dream home. Elizabeth Ritch 972.977.4678 Passion...Pursuit...Performance. TOP TEN WOMEN OF COLLIN COUNTY The Willow Bend Gives Back Reception for the Top 10 Women of Col- lin County was held at The Shops of Willow Bend on July 31 2015. Honorees included Kim Bailey Pamela Boich Jane Donovan Anita Hawkins Diane Hopson Jennifer Jaimeson Lisa Rodenbaugh Shelly McDaniel Dawn Mellon and Charlotte Patterson. Top 10Women honorees and special guests L to R Kim Bailey CASA of Collin County Kathy Chamberlain Chamberlain Performing Arts attending for Charlotte Patterson Jane Donovan Childrens Advocacy Center of Collin County Shelly McDaniel City House Dawn Mellon Hopes Door Ben Harris Deputy Mayor ProTem Justin Roche GMThe Shops atWillow Bend Rusty Smith GM Neiman MarcusWillow Bend Pamela Boich Lost Paws Rescue ofTexas Anita Hawkins Minnies Food Pantry Jennifer Jaimeson PISD Education Foundation Lisa Rodenbaugh Plano ChildrensTheatre Diane Hopson Womens Auxiliary to Childrens Medical Center Legacy Chapter SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2015 67 Good Morning Texas Paige McCoy Smith shares heartfelt tips for re-igniting the flame in your marriage. - Paige JOIN OUR FAMILY Share your thoughts stories insights advice and yes even frustrations and failures with Good Life Family. Email Sheryl Pidgeon or any member of the Good Life Family team. It Only Takes a Spark Ive lost him. Hes gone. Im talking of course about my 16-year-old son. Hes still in the house I know that because I cant keep our fridge stocked. But he is lost behind the glow of a computer and inside the cryptic world of endless text mes- sages. Its not his fault. Its HER fault. Yes he is in love. I should say he is madly in love. We recently escorted the two love birds to a movie and I was struck by the fact that they literally could not detach themselves from each other. I watched him carry a large popcorn in one hand and a large soda under his armpit so he would not have to pry his hand out of hers. I rolled my eyes and then I felt it. I felt that twinge of a memory bubbling up that made me feel a bit nostalgic. I remember feeling that way and feeling that way about the man who was parking the mini-van outside while we found our seats. I remember when I was consumed with thoughts of him and time together was the ONE and ONLY priority. Truth be told today I spend more time thinking about what shoes I am going to wear rather than romantic thoughts of my husband. I know I am not alone. Its tough to keep that flame burning when daily realities are causing romantic life to go up in smoke So whats a girl to do Ive come up with a secret plan de- signed to rekindle that long-forgotten spark. Ok its not really a secret since Im letting you in on it but lets pretend I am whispering it to you and I hope you will be inspired. LOVE NOTES I am leaving love notes. I discovered that my computer-driven hands can still grip a pencil and I am leaving bits of paper in dif- ferent locations that only he will find. True it takes a little more effort than shooting off a text but it fosters memories of pass- ing notes in class and makes him smile. It also makes me smile. I already have to- morrows note draft- ed. Take a look. DO YOU LIKE ME YES OR NO CIRCLE ONE CONVERSATION CARDS Date nights seem like an obvious solution for recon- necting. But the last few date nights we had didnt go so well. Although we had good intentions of keeping the conversation off the kids and on one another we were some- times left with very little to say. Desperate I weighed the risks and brought up the upcoming presidential campaign a true Hail Mary which served as a spring board to campaign finance which led to our finances and ultimately to a rough landing on kids allowance. We rode home in silence. So the next time I am bringing some Conversation Cards. I will use index cards but you can simply pull some questions from www.conversa- Some of the questions are better served for strangers but some could be enlightening. For instance what is the thing you miss most about being a kid or if you had to be an animal what would you be. You may be surprised what you learn about the man sleeping in your bed. ACTS OF KINDNESS As for me my love language is words of affection. Tell me I look skinny and you have a friend for life. For my husband and for many men theirlove languageis acts of kindness. Getting the oil changed buying him new underwear or a giving him a simple foot massage may be just the ticket to make him feel loved and to bring you closer. I admit this one is hard for me. But carving out a little portion of our serving pie to our spouse could make a big difference in the overall health of the marriage. I must confess it kinda gives me the heebie-jeebies taking love lessons from a love-sick teenager especially one who hap- pens to be my son. But love should not be reserved for just the young. Those butterflies that flew in our teenage stomachs are still there. They may have temporarily been re-cocooned but they are anxious for an excuse to take flight Until we meet again PS Look for me on WFAA Channel 8 Monday through Friday at 900 AM goodPOINT BACH BroomsticksFALL FEST Fall into Fun at Watters Creek VISIT WATTERCREEK.COM FOR DETAILED TIMES HALLOWEEN CRAFTS FACE PAINTING BALLOON ART PET ADOPTION FREE HAYRIDES DUCK RACE CHILDRENS MUSICAL ENTERTAINER CONCERTS ON THE CREEK PRESENTS BACH SUITES AND TWO FEET BEATS oct 24 ON THE GREEN US 75 at Bethany Dr. 972.747.8000 Allen Symphony Chorus Philharmonic Orchestra