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62 MARCH APRIL 2016 Kevin Frazar was born in 1975 when his older brother Harrison was just four years old. During the delivery the doctors knew something was wrong with Kevin but they didnt know exactly what. They told his parents that Kevin had suffered a stroke in the womb that had affected his brain development the umbilical cord had wrapped around his neck during the delivery and the doctors warned his parents that he might not make it. The family prepared for Kevins death but he defied the odds. Weeks later when they brought him home Harrisons parents told him that Kevin was special and that he had to treat him accordingly. All Harrison knew was that this was his little brother he was too young to understand. When Kevin was one-and-a-half years old and had not yet achieved the benchmarks that other children typically do the doctors confirmed that he had cerebral palsy. One side of his body was smaller than the other and that side turned inward Kevin was also emotionally and intellectually lagging behind other children. Even with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy the Frazars made the decision to raise him at home and as normally as possible. My parents were not going to let the cerebral palsy define us or get us down says Harrison. They turned to Childrens Hospital Easter Seals and other medical facilities for surgery on Kevins turned-in eye and for therapy. He was fitted with corrective braces to correct his turned-in foot and he received occupational and physical therapy to teach him to crawl walk and do other things most people take for granted. As Kevin grew older he was able to walk and speak more adeptly and in second grade he was enrolled in a public school special education program. After a move took them away from Dallas for a time the family moved back to the Highland Park Childhood was filled with memories for the Frazar brothers. Kevin says his favorite memories with his big brother include fishing at Lake Kiowa riding the moped playing Pac Man and spending the summer in Coloradoriding with our dog Blitz in the back of the truck and jumping for hours on our trampoline goodKIDS Little Brother Big Blessing PGA GOLF PRO HARRISON FRAZAR SHARES A SPECIAL BONDWITH HIS BROTHER KEVIN By Karyn Brodsky