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Page 84 MARCH APRIL 2016 71 cancer and help to identify exactly what type of cancer it is. Envision Imaging with multiple locations across North Texas offers state- of-the-art equipment for its patients whether their doctor has ordered a CT scan MRI ultrasound or PET scan. Envision offers a more comfortable open MRI filled with light and views on all four sides during the procedure. The PETCT scan available at Envisions south Arlington facility has become an invaluable tool for radiologists and oncologists in locating the site and size of tumors. More importantly it can help differentiate benign from malignant growths. Patients are given an injection of radioactive glucose which is rapidly metabolized by cancer cells. They will then light up on radiographic images. Physicians can compare these images over time to determine if a patient is responding to treatment. More types of cancers are responding to treatment these days thanks to research. The lifesaving research studies today are truly visionary and are tackling the disease in newbut costlyways. LLS is proud to fund investigators like Dr. Carl June and his team in Philadelphia. They have been able to reprogram the HIV virus so that it can no longer cause disease but retains its ability to alter the immune system to attack cancer cells specifically leukemia. When asked if he is working to cure cancer Dr. June responds its hard actually to think that you might actually succeed. GET INVOLVED IN THE FIGHT You can help by attending the events that are working to make a cure for cancer a reality. LLS offers fundraising events like their Team in Training race program Light the Night walks their Big D Climb and Saint Valentines Day fashion show and luncheon to benefit all the latest clinical research programs and patient support. Even students can get involved by participating in the Student of the Year program in which top fundraisers can earn a college scholarship and other exciting incentives. The 1658370 people diagnosed with cancer just last year deserve the right treatmentand not just what they get from the doctor. LLS makes it their mission to support everyone affected by one persons cancer diagnosis. They are excited about their blood cancer conference coming up in September. Top experts will be on hand for nurses as well as patients and their families to explore many aspects affected by cancerfrom financial support to sexuality and from wellness to sibling support. This statewide conference will offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity for anyone affected by the disease. I can give you ten reasons why I love LLS events ten reasons why Im excited about the research ten reasons why Im motivated by the stories of loss in our LLS community and ten reasons why I celebrate the patient success stories says Libby. Listening to her its hard not to be equally excited about the prognosis for the future. After all giving up hope is not an option. Envision Imaging offers state-of-the-art equipment and a more comfortable open MRI filled with light and views on all four sides during the procedure. MARK YOUR CALENDARS Childrens Cancer Fund Gala April 22 Visitwww.childrenscancerfund.comevents LEUKEMIA LYMPHOMA SOCIETY Student of theYear February 28-April 2 Man Woman of theYear April 12-June 18 NorthTexas Blood Cancer Conference Expo September 9 10 Light the NightFortWorth October 30 Light the NightDallas November 5 Forinformationonthefollowingeventswiththe LeukemiaLymphomaSocietyofDallasvisit www.lls.orgntx. You can help by attending events that are working to make a cure for cancer a reality like the Leukemia Lymphoma Societys annual Big D Climb Pictured here A Dallas firefighter whose 2-year old son Max has a rare form of leukemia joined over 2300 participants to climb 70 stories at Bank of America Plaza the tallest building in downtownDallasinsupportofbloodcancerresearch. Over50Dallasfirefightersmade the climb in full gear. Since its inception the event has raised over 1000000. Pictured here young friends check out the spacious MRI at Envision Imaging.