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Page 76 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 23 goodMEMORIES W H AT A R E YO U R M O S T T R E A S U R E D H O L I D AY T R A D I T I O N S College Students Tell Us My favorite holiday has always been Christmas not just because of the presents but because of all the family time and special traditions we have. The day after Thanksgiving my family puts up and decorates the tree and we decorate the entire house and the whole month of December our house smells like homemade cinnamon candy and delicious baked goods. I love spending so much time together in the kitchen laughing making memories and being together and I will be passing these precious traditions on to my family one day so my kids will love the holidays as much I do. - Sara Sorge Freshman Texas Tech University Every year on Christmas Day we wake everyone up really early open presents eat my moms famous Christmas Casserole and then have an all day movie marathon that has to include Elf and Christ- mas Vacation. The whole family is there and I really enjoy not having to do anything but just sit around with everyone. That family time with no distractions is something that I would love to do with my own family one day. - Corbin Dotson Junior Texas Womans University Being that I will be getting married next year the thought of carrying on traditions and even cre- ating our new ones with my fianc is very exciting. Regardless of the traditions we create though I feel certain Cody and I will continue to participate in my familys annual Christmas Eve festivities. My family and mom along with aunts uncles and cousins come together to eat a big meal watch Christmas movies and simply enjoy otherscompany. - Sarah Gerken Senior Texas Womans University If I could continue my family traditions of playing board games volunteering at Christmas charities and riding sleds pulled by family pick-up trucks along the frigid sheets of ice across neighborhood streets then I could rest assured knowing that I had brought Christmas to my next family generation with love. - Deryl Tschoerner Sophomore UTD As a freshman in college the holiday traditions that I will carry on to my family in the future will be centered around both aspects of my culture that of my birthplace here in America and my ancestry in India. I will continue especially to celebrate Christmas Thanksgiving and Halloween every year wherever I am because those are the holidays that have meant the most to me in my life. For my Indian culture Ill continue to celebrate Diwali and Holi with my family in the future. For Diwali the festival of lights Ill put up lights all over the house light candles everywhere and be sure to light firecrackers. For Holi the festival of colors Ill go with my family for the festive powdered-color fight. - Kabir Ahluwalia Freshman SMU Good Life Family Staff Tell Us I buy each of my kids a Christopher Radko ornament ev- ery year at the beginning of the holiday season. Some years the ornament reflects their current interests basketball snow- boarding skiing dance etc. sometimes I will buy the charity ornament for that year if it is a cause that is dear to us and sometimes it is just a seasonal theme Santa snowman nut- cracker dreidel menorah etc.. When we are decorating our tree it is so wonderful to see their faces as they open the box- es and shout Oh I remember this one or This is my favorite Looks of pure joy And needless to say when you have teens looks of pure joy are few and far between - Melissa Chaiken Section Editor Good Life Family Magazine I have always purchased or made an ornament each year for each of my sons that represents our year. That way when theystarttheirownChristmastreetheywillhaveornamentswith memories attached. Our tree is absolutely alive with memories. - Tricia White Managing Editor Good Life Family Magazine We always have a cookie decorating party with the family traditional sugar cookies loads of buttercream frosting and all kinds of toppings. As the children in our family get older we have added cocktails to the cookie decorating party and some- times the decorated cookies get a little well...inappropriate. But we always have fun and always get full -Bobbie Ames Food Entertainment Editor Good Life Family Magazine