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goodLIVING Holiday decorating adds an extra touch of sparkle to your home so its always a little depressing when the holiday decorations come down and you once again notice everything around the house youd like to change whether its one room or a large-scale home remodel. Getting the project started is prob- ably the hardest part. Deciding what you want to accomplish es- tablishing a budget and then choosing the professionals to help you achieve your goals gulp can be overwhelming. Everyone has heard the horror stories of home projects gone wrong and sometimes that sense of foreboding keeps you from ever getting started. Terry Garner general contractor and manager of Star Interior Resources encourages you to do it now. Why wait You can almost always get back the money you put into a remodel with the increase in your homes value. A great majority of his customers wait to make updates until they are preparing to sell their home. Says Terry If I could tell anyone anything it would be to make the changes you want right when you move in or someone else will enjoy all the work you did. How do you choose who to help you achieve your vision Ask around. Word of mouth is often your best resource. Call the neighbor or friend who just completed a project to see if they would recommend their contractor and then get references. Lo- cal mom Kimberly Nelon recently finished a complete gut of her 1960s era North Dallas home. She says her primary con- sideration was reputation. However she reports the most frus- trating part of the remodel was dealing with the subcontractors. Sometimes they didnt even show up You can make what could be a stressful situation much easier by considering a one-stop shop like the Star family of companies. From initial design to flooring to custom cabinets to appliances to well pretty much anything Star companies offer consistent quality reliable trades to make your project go as smoothly as possible. Theres really nothing else like it in the Dallas area. Michael Pidgeon president of Star Interior Resources and CFO of StarFloors says Our advantage is that we can meet all your needs by partnering all the divisions of the Star Compa- nies. Theres really not anything we cant do with our resources for products for your home. Starpower StarFloors Star Interior Resources and Ed Kellum Sons all work together to make your All Through the House... Star Interior Resources Offers Expert Advice to Re-Do and Re-New Your Home Sweet Home by AliciaWanek StaffWriter Most customers arent looking to completely remodel their entire home. Just focusing on one or two rooms can make a big difference. Terry Garner general contractorandmanagerofStarInteriorResourceshasalistofhistopfiverelativelyinexpensiverenovationsthatcanimprovethelookandfeelofyourhome. 36 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 KITCHEN COUNTERTOP BACKSPLASH A kitchen refresher is probably one of the most beneficial remodels you can make. It can cost 13 to 12 less than a full kitchen remodel and you get a lot of bang for your buck. PAINT A fresh coat of paint spruces up a room in a really short period of time. NEW FLOORING New flooring changes the entire look of a room. Replacing the flooring is espe- ciallyimportantifyouhavewornordirty carpet.