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6 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 - Sheryl THE GOOD PEOPLE at goodLIFEfamily ABOUT US There are two things parents hope to give their children roots and wings. But its often hard to know if the decisions were making are the right ones especially when the world is changing so quickly. GoodLifeFamily is a resource for parents with kids tweens to twenties. Extensive and insightful content addresses the daily joys and struggles of finding a balance between kids and parents while keeping ourselves sane in the process. Youll meet inspiring women and men who have stared down lifes challenges survived and now are willing to share their journey with you. GoodLifeFamily is committed to making a difference in the lives of our families friends and communities as the go-to source. Were living were learning and most import- ant were laughing.We hope you will too. Contact Us SUBSCRIBE ADVERTISE Kim Brown at 214.280.6838 or SUBMIT EDITORIAL IDEAS TriciaWhite at EDITORIAL TEAM Sheryl Lilly Pidgeon FounderandEditor-In-Chief Direct 214.476.8131 TriciaWhite ManagingEditor Direct 214.725.1981 Tracy Graivier Bell Senior Copy Editor Savannah Peer DigitalManager Bobbie Ames FoodEntertainingEditor Melissa Chaiken SocialandPhilanthropyEditor Amy Levenson Krumholz FashionEditor Rick Seaney TravelEditor JennyWood SchoolandEducationEditor WRITERS Karyn Brodsky Madison Cook Jeanne Glick Stacey Kam AliciaWanek ADVERTISING Sonia Black AdvertisingAccountExecutive Direct 214.232.3040 Melinda Bogoslavsky AdvertisingAccountExecutive Direct 214.264.0975 MARKETING EVENTS Kimberly Brown Marketing Manager Direct 214.280.6838 BUSINESS OFFICE Deborah Leshefsky KeeperofTheBooks Michael Doyle CPA PRODUCTION TEAM Beth Donahue CreativeDirector James Bland Photography Bill Brock Videographer MichaelTinglin UserExperienceManager GOOD LIFE FAMILY 3308 PRESTON ROAD STE 350 PMB 113 PLANO TX 75093 LIVE.LEARN.LAUGH.GIVE THANKSREPEAT. An Attitude of Gratitude If you havent read Randy Pauschs num- ber one best seller The Last Lecture or seen the video on YouTube I implore you to make the hour-long investment this holiday season. Its the true story of a college profes- sor who finally gets his life exactly where he wants it and finds out he has just months to live. Pausch shows grit grace humor and honesty as he imparts his wisdom all the while reminding us to spend our time wisely and to live in a constant state of gratitude. Thats a solid message. For ourselves and for our kids. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holi- days not just because the Lilly family comes to town and warms our home our friend Nancy Lieberman hosts her annual touch football competition were gonna win this year and my sister-in-law Mindi throws a luncheon of epic gastronomical proportions but because the holiday is focused on giving thanks. Something we dont always take the time to do. So as Good Life Family closes in on completing our first year in business I have SO MANY people to thank First and foremost I am grateful to my husband of 19 years David and my chil- dren Bryce 17 Jaxie 16 and Lindsey 14 for sharing the time that used to be 100 percent yours and for giving me a reason to care so much and love so deeply. And for allowing me to use so many emojis in my text mes- sages I am grateful for my teammates who work alongside me every day a team who has invested their time hearts and talent in our purpose to enrich the lives of others I am grateful for our advertisers who invest their financial resources because they recognize that our readers are not simply a dominant target audience indeed we are but that we are a community of people who benefit from learning I am grateful to our Advisory Board whose collective wisdom and dedi- cation throughout this year has served as a sounding board and a source of great insight and inspiration I am grateful for the amazing people far too many to name that are impacting lives every day in our community philanthropists executive directors volunteers business leaders PTA parents teachers soldiers survivors most of whose names you would not even recognize but whose words and deeds inspire us to do more give more think more every day and I am grateful to our readers print and digital because with- out your desire to live learn and laugh with us we would just be talking to ourselves. In the spirit of gratitude this issue of Good Life Family is focusing on giving giv- ing thanks giving time giving love giving knowledge. The spirit of giving is alive in our communities and we are honored and humbled to be your conduit. Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other. - Randy Pausch