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Page 76 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 7 Contributors goodPEOPLE Rick Seaney Travel Expert Internationally known travel and airfare expert Rick Seaney CEO and co-founder of FareCompare is the medias go-to resource for airline industry news. Ricks mission is clear I wanttohelpconsum- ersfindthebestflight deals available every time they shop and he loves to share his insider information. Besides his advice blog on FareCompare Rick began writing a weekly column for ABCNewsbackin2008whichcontinuesto this day he is also USA Todays Airfare Ex- pertcolumnistaswellasaregularcontrib- utor to Fox News and is frequently quoted in the pages of the New York Times Wall St. Journal Huffington Post and more. Dr. Susan Sugerman Adolescent Medicine Physician Board Certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics Dr. Sugerman is the presi- dent and co-founder of Girls to Women Health and Wellness GTW a multidis- ciplinary medical practice in north Dallas dedicated to the physical and emotional needs of girls and young women ages 10-25. Published au- thor and speaker on subjects ranging from adolescent develop- ment bullying sex- uality and risk taking to resilience and preparing teens to tran- sition to college she brings a professional perspective onwhats normal and whats notwhen considering the struggles and celebrations of our youth as well as some wisdom about how the grownups in their livescansupportthemtobecomehealthy adults who can take good care of them- selves. Paige McCoy Smith TV Personality PaigeMcCoySmithisatelevisionpersonali- ty radio host and professional speaker who has entertained and educated audiences with content that resonates with the notsoperfectside oflife. Sheisaregu- laronWFAAChannel 8s Good Morning Texas and has made a name for herself being a real and relat- able mom who gives women the freedom to be who they are perfectly imperfect. As Paige saysIts not about being perfect. Its aboutbeingreal.Letsstumbleonthisjour- ney together. James Bryant Director of Programs James Bryant is Director of Programs at Grant Halliburton Foundation a Dallas nonprofitorganizationcommittedtoteen and young adult mental health and sui- cide prevention. A seasoned professional in creating and implementing advocacy initiatives James has a long career work- ing on public health issues. Prior James spent time with CONTACT Crisis Line and over 13 years with Mothers Against Drunk Driving overseeing a wide range of campaigns across the country. Kristin Cicciarelli ProfessionalWriter Kristin Cicciarelli is a free- lance writer and editor in the Dallas area spe- cializing in ghost writ- ing magazine articles marketing content in- cluding newsletters and advertising and helping small businesses improve their search en- gine rankings. Her articles generally fo- cusing on living a healthier more balanced life have appeared in a number of print and e-zine sites including Dallas Child Skin Inc. Les Nouvelles Aesthetiques Dermascope In With Skin AZ Net News and more. With Our Deepest Thanks The 2015 Editorial Advisory Board Over the past year weve been on quite the journey and it would have happened as smoothly without our Editorial Advisory Board. Their collective wisdom and dedication to GLF served as a non-stop sounding board and a source of great education inspiration and admiration. James Bland Photographer James Bland has been showcasing his award-winning craftsmanship as a photogra- pher for over 25 years. His zeal for capturing the essence of the people in front of the lens is evident in each of his pieces of work. He has earned numerous local and in- ternational awards and his portrait photography work has been showcased in exhibits and shows in Dallas and Washington D.C. His clients include advertising agencies national and regional magazinesrecordcompaniesandcorporateleaders.Blandsim- pressive work is splashed throughout this issue of GLF including on the cover and fashion pages. Amy Levenson Krumholz Designer and Stylist Amy Levenson Krumholz has worked in thefashionworldforover20years.For14 years she owned a showroom at the Dal- las Apparel Mart and represented over 85 lines of womens clothing andaccessories.She has designed three lines of contempo- rary sportswear and served as a retail buyer consultant and stylist on numerous photo shoots. For the last 12 years Amy has worked with indi- vidual clients helping them discover their own personal style. Her services include wardrobe assessment closet makeovers and personal shopping. You may have caught one of Amys fashion segments on Good Morning Texas. She has three wonderfulboysatthreedifferentschools which keep her very busy Rebecca Baker ExecutiveDirectorTheJimUtleyFoundation Christopher Bianez LawEnforcementOfficerStudentMentor Michael Cohen ElderLawAttorney Dr. Sandy Gluckman FunctionalBehaviorHealthCoach Vanita Halliburton FounderandPresident TheGrantHalliburtonFoundation William McLaughlin HighSchoolPrincipal Dr. Cary A. Israel PresidentEmeritusofCollinCollege Pamela Blankenship Murray ExecutiveDirectorC.A.R.E. Sonja Pegram MiddleSchoolPrincipal Dr. Leslie Pidgeon EmergencyPhysician Stephany Sipes AssistantHighSchoolPrincipal Dr. Susan Sugerman AdolescentMedicinePhysician We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. - Winston Churchill