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Page 84 MARCH APRIL 2016 25 Sandy Gluckman PhD is a behavior and health specialist whose internationally acclaimed program Parents Take Charge introduces parents to drug-free options for treating children with learning behavior and mood challenges as well as teaches new ways of parenting. goodTO KNOW In order to help our children make the right decision and bypass our own ego we need to consider the best fit for our kids. The Child-College Fit Sending your child to a college that is the right fit for him is probably one of the most important things a parent can ever do. Children who attend a college that is academically or socially a mismatch for who they are can experience huge stress which then triggers emotional social or physical problems. The Child-Career Fit Is your child left-brain or right-brain dominant Encouraging or supporting a choice of career that is not right for the child can have great negative consequences on many levels. Too often parents and kids select a career that sounds nice or seems to be a good logical choice or select a career that they imagine would be right for them. When helping your children choose a career one of the most important things you need to know about them is whether they are left-brain or right-brain dominant. Every one of us is born with a tendency to prefer the left or the right brain. This means that your children have one side of the brain that they enjoy using more than the other because thinking in that way comes naturally to them. A small percentage of people use both sides equally. Left brainers are more comfortable being taught in a logical rational detailed structured and ordered way. Rightbrainersprefertobetaughtusingcreativitystories art music and big picture thinking. Left brainers do well as accountants civil engineers lawyers scientists and computer programmers for example. Right-brain professions are those that use creativity emotion and intuition such as graphic design teaching marketing sales and writing. It is extremely stressful for a child to be studying something that does not match the way his or her brain naturally thinks and learns. Find a job that matches the way your childs brain likes to think and he will be happy productive and successful in his career. There is a Challenge Moms and Dads are left-brain or right-brain dominant too. It can happen that left-brain parents encourage their kids to choose left-brain professions and the same happens with right-brain parents. On page 26 there is a short questionnaire that will help you determine whether you are left or right-brain dominant. Please be careful to understand and honor the way your childs brain works. Remember it may be different than yours Readmorefrom Dr.Gluckmanat