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HARRISON FRAZAR Harrison began playing golf with his dad when he was 6 yearsoldandquicklyexcelled. Inhisjunioryearheshotafinal round 65 to leadTexas to a 2nd place team finish at the NCAA Championship. On the University of Texas Longhorns golf team he was a three-time honorable mention All-American. In his junior year he shot a 65 and led Texas to a 2nd place team finish at the NCAA Championship. He joined the PGA Tour in 1996. Throughout his career an unfortunate number of injuries has caused him to take substantial time off with medical exemptions. Despite coming off a shortened 2010 season because of surgery to his right shoulder and left hip Frazar found a second wind. HemadethecutattheByronNelsonChampionshipandtied for 14th .Then in 2011 after 14 years and 354 tournaments Harrison Frazar won his first PGATournament at the FedEx St. Jude Classic in Memphis Tennessee in a harrowing playoff with Robert Karlsson. One of the highlights of his professional golf career was receiving a coveted invitation to the Masters. Another highlight was receiving the hand-made trophy his young sons surprised him with in 2008 when he became one of the few golfers in history to shoot a 59 at a PGA Tour qualifyingeventwinning the tournament handily. He is currently on an extended medical hiatus and enjoying spending time with his family. Harrison with wife Allison and sons Harrison now 16 Ford now 13 and Slayden now 9 pictured here atThe Masters in 2012. The Highland Park High School sweethearts have been married 20 years. area in 1985 and Kevin had access to the school districts excellent special education program. He was a student there through high school and he made a small group of friends who watched out for him. He became the equipment manager for the high school football team and the entire community there embraced him. He still speaks very fondly of those boys and still remembers them says Harrison. Meanwhile Harrison was growing up in the same household and says that he never felt different being the sibling of a child with special needs. I never felt slighted nor that I was denied anything he notes. We had a simple structured life but I didnt know any different. Harrison adds that it was a wonderful childhood. He wasnt allowed to have normal sibling rivalry and he was coached by his parents that he and Kevin werent going to fight. I didnt fight and I was very sympathetic says Harrison. One of the by-products of having a special needs brother was that on weekends in order to relieve his mother from the duties of taking care of two children at once Harrison often spent time with his father. There was baseball football and other outdoor activities including golf. Harrison played golf with his dad and other adults when he was just seven years old. As a teen Harrison and Kevin maintained a very close relationship. Harrison participated in many sports and Kevin was always there to cheer him on. During college at the University of Texas where he played golf for the Longhorns Harrison came home every few weeks to visit and Kevin displayed his pride for his big brother and his achievements. When I was an All-American in golf Kevin must have told everyone in town for about two weeks beamed Harrison. He was the proudest and most supportive brother you can imagine. After high school Kevin attended a special education college program in Albuquerque NM for about a year. When he returned to Dallas he went to workatlocalgolfcourses.Abouteightyearsagohisparentsencouragedhim to try to live on his own. Today Kevin lives in his own condo in downtown Dallas and has a job at a large law firm in their program for those with special needs. He rides the bus to and from work and he occasionally enjoys some live music at a club or takes in a Dallas Mavericks game. Although he is somewhat independent his parents Cookie and Dick Frazar along with Harrison his wife Allison and their three boys Harrison Ford and Slayden are ever present. Its taken a lot of effort sweat and tears to provide Kevin a life thats as close to normal as possible says Harrison. I give all the credit to my parents. Harrison describes Kevin as a very social person who loves to be around people and enjoys music concerts sporting events and going out to golf outings. He especially enjoys spending time with Harrisons three young sons. Kevin is a blessing says Harrison. About 12 years ago after watching Harrison hit the links for so many years Kevin told his father that he wanted to play golf. His father was a bit hesitant given Kevins physical unsteadiness. Once again like he did so many years ago Kevin defied the odds. He smacked the ball 200 yards with a driver off the tee and big brother Harrison couldnt be prouder. Harrison was just like every other kid with his little brother. They were 4 years apart and had their good and bad moments. But I know that Harrison really looked out for Kevin at school and in the neighborhood and felt very protective of him. Siblings of special needs kids learn early on that everyone in the family has to helpsays their mom Cookie Frazar.