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12 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 Family is extremely important to attorney Robert Chaiken. Not only is he an involved father of two he and his older brother Kenneth own Chaiken Chaiken P.C. a family- based law firm in Plano. And while theyre regularly involved in complex corporate litigation matters theyre also passionate about representing individuals and families in serious civil injurymattersparticularlythoseinvolvingdrunkordistracted driving and all kinds of injuries suffered by children of any age including fraternity hazing school incidents and bullying. The Chaiken brothers commitment to family doesnt end in the courtroom however. They also spend their non- working time educating others through organizations such as the Young Mens Service League YMSL on the significant impact of civil injury matters on both defendant and plaintiff including the extreme dangers for both sides of being involved in these heinous activities. Its not just the roads where our kids are getting hurt. Its important that everyone understands the legal ramifications of injuring a child Chaiken says. Hes also the Texas representative for the Child Injury Network which is a network of attorneys across the country dedicated to protecting children. Interestingly Chaikens career didnt start out on this path. His first job out of law school was at a large Fort Worth corporate defense firm often representing product manufacturers in personal injury catastrophic injury and wrongful death lawsuits. His defense work opened his eyes to the impact these types of cases can have on plaintiffs particularly families. When I left that firm and went out on my own I just felt more comfortable on the other side Chaiken says. Because we operate on a contingency fee basis for our injury claims we can help a broader range of clients including those with limitations due to physical injury-related or financial resources. Since its establishment in 1998 Chaiken Chaiken has evolved into a full service crisis management practice quickly getting behind new and existing clients by obtaining or documenting evidence making necessary phone calls and marshaling all appropriate resources. Unfortunately crisis is sometimes inevitable Chaiken says. Serious injury and wrongful death cases are particularly sensitive often involving grief raw emotions and the need for medical attention. These smart efficient and trustworthy lawyers handle everything clients need from a legal standpoint so that they can get back to whats most importanttaking care of themselves and their families. When asked which cases have impacted him the most Chaiken says there have been several and most have been similar in terms of issues The ones that really get you are the senseless injuries such as those involving drunk or distracted drivingthings that didnt have to happen if a little extra planning or attention had been applied. Distracted and impaired driving also occurs when drivers even commercial truck drivers are fatigued from working too many hours. WhilehebelievesthatnonprofitorganizationssuchasMothers Against Drunk Driving MADD have made tremendous strides in creating public awareness of the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs we have a long way to go when it comes to distracted driving typically caused by texting and talking on cell phones. Most people believe that drunk driving is evil but we dont apply the same stigma to texting or taking a selfie while behind the wheeland I see people doing it all the time. Its absolutely just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated he says. Because so many teens and tweens now have cell phones and many of them drive the statistics for distracted driving injuries are increasing at an alarming rate. If youre a parent what can you do to stop this unwanted growing trend We need more dialogue with our kids. Talk to them about it regularly. Remind them that in todays technological world its very easy to determine when a driver is using his cell phone so dont think that if theres an accident they wont get caught. Get them to sign a contract stating they wont text or talk and drive before you hand over your car keys. Instruct them to put their cell phones in their glove compartments while driving and if they need them for GPS let a passenger navigate directions if possible Chaiken states. Perhaps the most important thing parents can do to increase awareness is to set a good example. Examine your own driving habits and be honest about them. Always let your children see you pull over to answer a call and text. Practice what you preach without exception. Many of our clients become like extended family members to us Chaiken says and we want them enjoying their own for many years to come. Standing up for kids like they were their ownthats the hallmark of this truly compassionate law firm. To learn more about Chaiken Chaiken P.C. visit Standing up for Kids and Families is a by Kristin Cicciarelli Contributor We need more dialogue with our kids. Talk to them regularly. Remind them that in todays technological world its very easy to determine when a driver is using his cell phone so dont think that if theres an accident they wont get caught.