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26 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 goodLOOKS Dressed to Dazzle Charity Lunch Its a season of philanthropy and fashion. For a sophisticated daytime look I put Laurie in an A-Line bright blue blue is the new black shift dress topped with a deconstructed winter white blazer and this seasons must have suede booties. Lauri Paschetag Braschler owns and operates LuLus Blooms LLC an organic landscape company where she can put her passion for recycling and protecting the earth into her daily life. But her passion for recycling and protecting extends most profoundly to the people around her. At the age of 18 as a freshman in college Lauri was in an auto accident that killed two of the five people in the car. When she awoke from a 5-day coma doctors informed her family that she would have permanent brain damage her mind would remain that of a child. Lauri had other plans. Ifoughthardtore-learntosaymynametorememberthingstoread..I did500piecepuzzlesandothermemorizationtacticstoputmybrainback to work. I wanted to get my life back. She returned to college less than two months later still suffering some physical and mental ramifications but a changed young woman determined to live life to the fullest and to help other young people realize their life dreams. When she is not busy planting perennials and creating naturally beautiful landscapes for her clients she is competing in a run a warrior program or other athletic challenge to benefit a cause or person. Encouraging others to achieve what someone else has told them is impossible drives me. Whether thats in school in their work a sports team or an athletic challenge I want everyone to finish strong. TRANSITIONTO COMPANY PARTY To transition to her 300 p.m. office party Laurie could add this long strand of black pearls streamlined heather grey blazer suede pointy toe pumps. Dont forget to toss a red lipstick into this timeless handbag. Ooh la la Most women love to look good and it is my passion to help bring out their assets and personalities using fashion. The holiday season is filled with all types of parties and finding the right attire can be confusing. Here are some suggestions for looking great at any event. Entertaining at Home Youvedeckedyourhallsandinvitedfriendsovertobe jolly. My advice A trendy blend of casual and festive. Here Meridith is wearing a bare shoulder dressed- up T-shirt part of her own Maniac collection - with emerald green suede leggings over the knee boots a must have and an oversized necklace to pull it all together. Meridith Casey is the founder of Dallas-based company Maniac which gives100ofnetprofitstoDallasChildandFamilyGuidanceCenteran organization that has provided counseling and treatment to those in need for over 100 years. Armed with a business degree from the University of Georgia and a love of fashion Meridiths life took a turn when her adult brother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder three years ago. Maniac is the merger of my passion for casual comfortable stylish clothing with my compassionformybrotherandthoselikehimshesays. TRANSITIONTO COCKTAIL ATTIRE Swap the over the knee boots for a dressy ankle strap shoe and throw on a statement faux fur jacket and a gold chain purse to turn heads at a fancier fete. Fab TOP Maniac NECKLACE Sukan GREEN SUEDE PANTS AND JACKET ElieTahari at NorthPark BOOTS Chanel SHOES AND PURSE Jimmy Choo DRESS AND GREY BLAZER Elie Tahari at Northpark GREY SHOESWhite HouseBlack Market atWatters Creek PEARLS MPowered Pearls BAG Neiman MarcusWillow Bend BOOTIESWeitzman by Amy Levenson Krumholz Fashion Editor