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24 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2015 Our family goes to the Cow- boys game onThanksgiving. Its a good thing that no one is a big fan of turkey since theres not time to cook one. Instead Im known for my lemon rose- mary roasted chicken that is tasty and looks like a baby tur- key We have it every Thanks- giving. - Kim Brown Advertising Marketing Manager Good Life Family Magazine Each Thanksgiving even if weve already been to a big fam- ily lunch my husband and I cook a super nice and formal Thanksgiving dinner. We enlist the help of the kids to set a beautiful table we dress up and then dine by candlelight. Making the dinner a super special and quiet time to talk and laugh we share what were thankful for and how we can use our blessings to bless others over the holiday season. - Beth Donahue Creative Director Good Life Family Magazine My family has always been the ones who throw the holiday parties so each year we have a huge Thanksgiving dinner with our entire family and we cook all day. The Christmas party is my favorite though be- cause everyone brings a gift without a name on it and we play white elephant in order to see who gets the presents. I just love it because it takes the stress off of buying gifts and allows us to spend more quality time together. - Savannah Peer Digital Manager Good Life Family Magazine When my children were little I used to go into each of their classes at school and read the story of Chanukah teach and play the dreidel game and pass out chocolate gelt coins. Now that theyre older we play the dreidel game at home and I make enough potato latkes pancakes to last all eight days of Chanu- kah. - Tracy Graivier Bell Senior Copy Editor Good Life Family Magazine Although we are divorced we have always agreed to share Christmas mornings as a family. Whoever has the boys the other parent goes to the house in PJs eat a big breakfast all together and then we open gifts. - Amy Levenson Krumholz Fashion Editor Good Life Family Magazine One of our longest family traditions is hosting a big Chanukah party to cele- brate the season with all our family and friends. We deco- rate the house pulling out all our kidsholiday art and hand- made menorahs. The menu is all the traditional Chanukah fare potato pancakes beef brisket and all that but our very favorite part is making dessert espe- cially marshmallow dreidels. It was quite a lengthy undertaking when our kids were toddlers more art project than dessert and we were still cleaning up errant sprinkles for weeks Now we can create dozens of mini masterpieces in an hour and its one of my favorite hours of the entire season. - Sheryl Pidgeon Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Good Life Family Magazine goodMEMORIES MARSHMALLOW DREIDELS For an easy spin on the Chanukah top whip up these fun treats that look as good as they taste Marshmallows form the dreidelsbodies chocolate kisses serve as the tips and pretzel sticks act as the knobs. A quick dip in melted white or milk chocolate provides a surface for colorful sprinkles. INGREDIENTS One bag of marshmallows One bag of thin pretzel sticks One bag of Hersheys Kisses One package white chocolate chips One package milk semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips Assorted Sprinkles DIRECTIONS Line a baking sheet with waxed or parchment paper. Using a separate microwave-safe bowl for each type melt the chocolate chipsoverlowheatstirringfrequentlytopreventscorching.Removefrom heat. Spear each marshmallow with a pretzel stick making sure it goes about 34 of the way into the marshmallow. Using the pretzel stick as a handle dip one of your treats into the chocolate so that it is completely coated. Adhere a Hersheys Kiss to the other end of the marshmallow. Place on lined baking sheet and decorate with sprinkles. Putthemarshmallowdreidelsinthefridgefor10minutesbeforeserving.